client spaces---a closet for creativity
art closet

We were recently contacted by a lovely, yet overwhelmed, artist who was in desperate need of regaining her creative side. She needed our assistance as clutter was blocking her ability to create, and as soon as we saw the space, we completely understood.

before art closet

In order to even begin putting her creative, right-brained ideas on canvas, it would require our client to browse through 30+ boxes of art materials haphazardly stored. And did we mention that said boxes were stacked onto of each other inside of a coat closet.  Within minutes of doing the above, the desire to be artistic would flee, leaving our client feeling completely frustrated.  And we totally agreed.

after art closet

We began the space as we do all others, by taking everything out. The client removed the wire shelving and added Intermetro shelving, giving an affordable and flexible shelving system to the space. We then got to work categorizing, and eventually to shopping for proper containment. We like try to re-use client's existing items prior to adding more in, but since we wanted to steer clear of oversized bins, we avoided using the client's old containers. We also had to make the closet where all the art supplies would be stored functional, and new practical containment would do just that.  An added bonus, limiting space for the client to bring in new materials without having to do an edit beforehand.  Creating boundaries is especially humbling.

sharpie and paint organization
artbin for sharpies
bricks for markers
turntable for paint organization

We used a combination of different styles of containment for accessibility and ease of being stacked. Some may inquire whether or not it is important to use all the same types of containers, to which we would say no. By using a variety of artbins for sharpies and notecards, like-it bricks for pens and markers, dividided stacking bins for stickers and tape, smartstore for acrylic paints and oil pastels, document cases for stencils and prints, magazine and file dividers for notebooks and felt, and turntables for paint we were able to maximize the space efficiently and aesthetically, the two request for the space from our client.  And we think we achieved both perfectly!

art closet after
client spaces---updating all the closets
closet organization

We were contacted by a lovely couple who had recently purchased a pre-1940s home in one of Atlanta's top historic districts. And while the home had charm, a beautiful yard, and a family friendly neighborhood, the closets lacked function in the current year. And that's where we came in. 

closet before organization

Your standard single metal rod hung in each one of the 3 closets of the houses two bedrooms, making each space difficult to manage.  And did we mention that the master closet was actually two small closets, with the guest closet having the largest closet?! The spaces seemed totally backwards, but with the right shelving systems we knew we could make it work. We enlisted the assistance of the container store in installing elfa shelving, designing the best configuration to maximize the client's small closets.

before master closet
after 'his' master closet
'his' master closet organization

The two master closets were quite a simple fix, adding doubling hanging shelving to maximize the height of the closets plus accommodating shoes and laundry hampers that needed to remain in the space.  Upper shelving was used for out of season items, bags, and linen storage, as the couple did not have a linen closet in the home.

before 'hers' master closet
after 'hers' master closet organization
'hers' closet organization after

The guest closet, which also doubled as our client's main closet and soon-to-be baby's closet, was a little more tricky. We needed to accommodate our client's clothing, but also keeping in mind that it would soon be converted to a baby's closet (what a lucky babe!). With any luck, the baby's clothing would only take up half and the mom could continue to enjoy her added space, at least for the first few years. We installed a double hang section to be used mostly for the baby, and a long hang section for mom to use for all of her beautifully colored dresses. We maximized the vertical space with several rows of shelving, as most baby clothing is easier folded and tucked away neatly in a basket for easy retrieval. In light of this, we left several empty baskets as place markers for the sweet babe's items as they were purchased. Shoe racks were installed to help keep shoe clutter under raps, and a stackers jewelry box adorned the client's jewels. We also used an acrylic file holder to store the client's clutches and a few additional stackable shoe containers for flats and sandals.

guest closet organization before
guest closet organization after
closet organization
closet organization
shoe, jewelry, and clutch organization
shoe organization closet

We also had the pleasure of restructuring the couples hall coat closet, which was also used for storage for scarves, cleaning items, and overstock bathroom supplies.  We added a few baskets adorned with labels to create zones for the specific items, switched out hangers to add conformity and additional room, and removed items that needed to live somewhere else.  

coat closet organization

These spaces not only functioned WAY more efficiently than before, but aesthetically so pleasing to look at!  And that's what we aim to accomplish with each and every client. 


client spaces---art studio

Nothing screams more fun than art supplies, with their endless possibilities of being categorized and in color order. So when a good client of ours calls and asked us to organize her art studio, we were all in! We like to think of ourselves as fairly artistic, as organizing in an aesthetically pleasing manor takes some talent. But we were so no prepared for the magnitude of variety our client had on hand. Totally made us feel like we were in the corner with our drawing tablet and box of crayons, not cool enough to know about all of the fun stuff! And it dawned on us that we are totally novice artists, and we would just stick with what we knew best, organizing all the art materials.

Not only were we totally envious of all of our client's amazing art supplies, but her art studio as well, which is an open concept loft that floats above her entire living space, which totally had us super jealous. But while we were loving the space, we completely understood why our client avoided the area altogether since her move across country close to one year ago. There were at least 5 large plastic bins haphazardly stuffed with pens, pencils, markers, paper, cards, envelopes, etc. If you could image it, it was in these totes. And it was totally overwhelming our client. But not us. To say we felt like a giddy kid on Christmas morning was a total understatement.  And we couldn't wait to get started.

We started by removing everything, yes everything, out of the bins.  Next up, sorting.  Like with like, nothing easier than this step, but can prove so overwhelming to many. Then we took inventory of what we had on hand and decided containment from this step.  The area was very open and had several drafting tables, built ins, and plenty of counter space.  But we didn't want it all out cluttering up the visual area.  And with so many different types of markers, pens and pencils, we knew we needed something that could contain yet separate them into appropriate categories.  And we found exactly what we were looking for.

Enter the ArtBin and all of their glory.  I mean, what can't these things do?! Perfect for both our client's selection of writing materials AND a fabulous way of organizing her greeting card collection into easy to find categories. For her selection of art pads and paper we used the ever versatile acrylic file collator, helping to divide by type and ease of finding exactly what our client would be looking for. 


On the desktop, we use a corner section to house her calligraphy tools, inks, and special pens and pencils in these fabulous acrylic 3 drawer organizers, making all items easy to see, without cluttering the desktop. Acrylic paper drawers are always our go-to with loose paper, easy to find, easy to contain. We finished off the space with our custom block script labels, which can be found in our 'shop' section on our website for purchase. We topped off the desk with an acrylic easel to showcase our talented client's artwork. Fingers crossed she commissions a piece for us for our office! 



client spaces--- the pantry-less kitchen

A pantry of some form or fashion is definitely a necessity when mapping out a kitchen. But there are those times, while few and far between, that somehow this tiny detail gets overlooked. And that's where we come in.

While organizing our client's kitchen, we discovered that she had no pantry to speak of. Well, that's if we didn't count a few pull out shelves that we deemed totally useless for food storage, as they were only 8 inches wide. But what the home did have was a coat closet directly next to the kitchen. And did we mention that the kitchen is upstairs?! Deeming the coat closet on the 2nd floor completely unnecessary, and as the entry had yet another coat closet we decided to convert the upstairs closet to a pantry. Such a better use for the space!

With a little help from our friends over at The Container Store, we were able to design and maximize the perfect pantry with Elfa.  A few things we LOVE about Elfa: it's completely customizable, adjustable, and super sleek. And the install, a total breeze!

Within the pantry we used several items to maximize space. Beach house storage bins for loose items, risers for canned goods and sauces, turntables for oils and vinegars, divided acrylic containers for nuts, dried fruit, and boxed items. By grouping items, we freed space for small appliances that were used infrequently, relieving the small kitchen the much needed cabinet space for other everyday necessities. WE added labels, assisting the homeowner in finding AND returning every item back to its appropriate spot, not to mention making a grocery list a breeze. 

Not only did we build a pantry, but freed up space in the sliding shelves that were built for being used as a pantry, and used this spot for a beverage and supplement cabinet for our client. Located directly next to the fridge, which screams convenience!

organized simplicity
os + IRIS©

Every girl has that brand of jeans that just fit...perfectly. And when they find another brand that fit just as well, they are beyond thrilled. And that's just how we feel about IRIS©! Long time lovers of The Container Store, discovering yet another amazing home organization company gives us all the feels. So when the people over at IRIS© approached us about a collaboration, we were all in.  

And while we don't condone purchasing office supplies just for fun, we do suggest storing your items in a way that you can see them AND brings you joy. And that's just what we did with the items sent for us to test by IRIS©. 

First up in the package is a hobby case, which has a multitude of options for use. We chose to use it for batteries, screw drivers, and chargers, as they always send us scrambling to find these items every time there is a need for a battery change. 

Umm, can we say game changer. All batteries are organized by type, with separate compartments for chargers, screwdrivers, and scissors. And it's portable. We will never go back to our old way of storing these items. Christmas morning's got nothing on us.

The next item we were so excited to try out, a greeting card keeper. Long time letter writer and card sender, we love sending snail mail to our loved ones. But having all those cards for special occasions on hand can be trying, as having an organized system is key to finding the right card at the right time.  


And with the removable tabs, the individual sections not only can be labeled, but made larger to accommodate more cards. Never will we have to search through a stack of cards again! And to add a twist to the greeting card holder, we dropped the whole thing into a Oskar Bigso box, fitting perfectly. Now the box is functional, but discreet on our office desktop.


Now doesn't that look great?! 

And what would an office be without a great chair?! And what's even better than one chair, is two. These Eames inspired chairs are an elegant, comfortable addition to our serene workspace. They just go together, kind of like peanut butter and jelly...


And the last, but not least, item sent for us to test was IRIS© WOOZOO tabletop fan, which is hands down the best fan we have ever owned.  Its sleek design, quite motor, and power is key for those stressful deadlines. We will be buying one for every room in our home. And what's even better is the amazing folks over at IRIS© have decided that one reader will win a prize pack full of goodies shown in this post, to include the WOOZOO fan (totally jelly), plus a few possible extra surprises!  Head over to our Instagram page @organized_simplicity for all the details. 


Disclaimer: All items supplied to us were complimentary in exchange for our honest opinion. 

organized simplicity
client spaces---sari storage

We absolutely love working on a unique organizing project. So when our client asked us to organize her saris and bindis, we were totally onboard. At the current moment, all items were being stored in plastic tubs, with really no rhyme or reason, making it more difficult for our client to find specifics when she needed them. Even worse, the current storage method could potentially ruin the delicate beading. These items needed a more practical way of storing in addition to preserving their integrity. 


We decided that by utilizing a guest closet, using quality hangers and hanging the games would be ideal. Not only would it help to keep the saris shape, but also would be easier to store, access, and retrieve when needed. We used the Black Soft Matte Wooden Hangers from The Container Store. Due to the weight of the garments, a heavy duty hanger was necessary. When purchasing items remember the cheapest items isn't always best, as you will find that quality is beyond important and reduces the number of times an item will need to be replaced. 


As for our client's extensive collection of bindis and bangles, we used Stackable Sweater Drawers from The Container Store. Their ability to be divided with inserts and customized to our specific need sealed the deal. These drawers were placed on the shelf in the closet, allowing our client to select items with easy to wear or pack for travel. 


Once the clothing was arranged into a spare closet, our client inquired about storing the items for long term storage. We selected Natural Cotton Hanging Storage Bags  which would preserve the saris integrity and protect from dest, as these pieces were infrequently worn, and added a cedar hang up within each garment bag, keeping pest, mildew, and odors away from the delicate saris.


And just like that, we completed a sari closet perfect for our client's needs, and what a fun and colorful project it was! 


os + Mom! Where's my car?

Parents, ever entered your child's room at night to check on them, only to step on a lego? What about a toy car? You may as well have stepped on broken glass as the pain is so intense! (a slight exaggeration...and then again, maybe not) We have developed many easy organization systems for legos (more details to come soon, promise) but never really nailed car organization, other than dumping  the lot into bucket and slapping on a label. Does that work? Yes. Is it an easy system to follow? Yes. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Kinda. Would we like to see a better system to organize cars? Most definitely! And when we were contacted by Mom! Where's my car? we knew we had found our forever car storage and organization. 

Mom! Where's my car?, a wall garage organizer, is a small business started by a mom of twin boys, who had (and still do) a love for all things car, who wanted to put the brakes on toy car clutter. There is so much of this we can get behind, car love and organization, and the wall garage was definitely one of them and we couldn't wait to test it out.

Our 9 year old has had a passion for cars ever since we could remember. Perhaps all the matchbox cars as rewards for potty training guided her ever growing collection?! Proud yet protective of her cars, she has always done a phenomenal job of taking care of her collection, especially when cleaning up, ensuring little sibling fingers didn't find their way to her prized possessions. And when the wall garage arrived, you would have thought it was Christmas! Designating a spot by the window in her bedroom, we got to work with the install, which was a breeze.


And then, like mother, like daughter, our 9 year old go to work color sorting her cars before deciding on their final placement on the wall garage. We were not allowed to photograph until she was 100% happy with how they looked.  A girl after our own hearts! Now without fail, overtime the cars are played with, they are put back with no stragglers for my foot to accidentally find at night. 


We can say hands down, this is THE best toy car organizer that is on the market at this time. And you have a chance to win a wall car garage from Mom! Where's my car?. Head over to our Instagram page, @organized_simplicity for all of the details!

os + savor

What is the one thing all parents struggle with? A close second behind toddler meltdowns and a strong desire for wine before 5pm, is kids mementos and artwork (read: paper clutter overload). You could get a life size plastic storage tub, dump it all in, and hope for the best. But we all know that method creates nothing but anxiety. You could ask you child's teacher to be selective on what they send home, I mean, do we really need EVERY worksheet that our child lays their hands on?! (Nothing but love to all the teachers out there!) What if we took it upon ourselves to have a system in place that prevented the years of school paper pileup? Enter savor to help us do just that, and quite stylishly we might add!

Savor, began by two moms with school aged children who were tired of the 'ugly plastic bin' catch-all used to corral all the artwork, report cards, and mementos. They developed The Library, which comes in two different versions: The Baby Keepsake Box and The School Years Keepsake Box, with a choice of 3 different color collections that are handcrafted, custom-dyed fabric boxes in such fun colors. Each type includes 50+ labels, initials to personalize your child's box. The Baby Box includes 9 drawers and 8 vertical files, while The School Box includes 16 vertical files, perfect for collecting those items we as parents would love to preserve over time, passing them down to our children proudly.


We were honored when approached by savor to test out their bespoke product. As organizers, any product that creates a system and thereby creates peace, is one we can get behind.


We, similar to many other parents, stored our children's keepsakes in plastic bins under the bed. We had already created a system of photographing artwork to make photobooks, keeping only the top picks, eliminating and editing school work and school report, all while keeping baby mementos in their own storage. Did we love the way it was stored? No. Did if function to our highest standards? No. Was it easy to reminisce with our children and their mementos? No. Were we proud of our storage solution as professional organizers? Absolutely not. 


Upon receiving the boxes, we noted the high quality of the fabric and the gorgeous hue of the color right off the bat. The included stickers to organize encompassed a broad range of categories, and the compartments and folders made of high quality, able to withstand lots of little hands, and more than enough space to keep those items that we hold dear to our hearts. And being able to have a home for specific keepsake items, priceless!


Did we mention the choice of colors coordinate great either within children's rooms, or within adults decor as well, without standing out like an eyesore.  Perfection!  Now, for any expecting parents or clients with children, we have a new go-to gift! You can purchase these savor Baby Keepsake Boxes here and the School Years here

client spaces---pantry volume 3

One of our top favorite spaces to organize is the pantry.  Finding no two spaces to be identical, working our magic to make them functional and gorgeous is like putting together a very large puzzle. And we love every moment of it!

A recent pantry we had the pleasure of working on was such an incredible space, but lacked structure.  The homeowner was having difficulty finding items to prepare and knowing what to add to her shopping list. Traveling quite a bit, the homeowner wanted the pantry to be streamlined, saving her time looking for items she needed.


To begin we took everything out, tossed expired product, and grouped like items. During this process we take note for the homeowners of which items have been tossed so that they may add them to their shopping list. Using Linus bins, can risers, and a large turntable for future decanted items, we arranged the pantry to flow, making finding items simple. Besides looking amazingly organized, the pantry is no longer overwhelming, easy to locate items and create a shopping list when opening the doors.


We also created an area for outdoor/pool dishes for entertaining and an area for large backstock items.

os + BriteLite Tribe

Tis the season of giving.  And we all have that one person who is beyond difficult to shop for.  For this type of individual, we love finding that one gift that is found of the beaten path.  And we found one that fits those the bill.  Enter the BriteLite Tribe Letter Lightbox.    

Now I'm sure you're all like, I've seen those letterbox sets, but there is an incredible difference between this lightbox and its competitors. Not only does it come with black letters, but also color letters and comes in 4 color choices.  It is upgradable, with the option to add pastel letters and additional packs such as emoji, graphic, or the ever popular, celebration pack, making these fun and quirky lightboxes a must have for that special someone on your shopping list.

And the way into our hearts (as most of you know) is through all things organizing, the letter lightbox has its own letter keeper, available in blue or pink, helping you sort and keep all those goodies separated and easy to find.

Whether it is to use for warning signs:

For just plain old fun:

Or kind reminders:

The BriteLite Tribe Letter Lightbox is one to add to your list (for yourself!) this holiday season!

Want in on the fun? You're in luck! We've teamed up with BriteLite Tribe to give one lucky reader their choice of white or black letterbox and a blue letterkeeper (a $65 value). What are you waiting for? Head over to our Instagram for all the details and to enter. Good luck and happy holidays!