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freezer organization

We love a methodically organized fridge. Hands down, not much beats that feeling of opening the doors and finding exactly what you want, with every item having a designated spot, and nothing lurking in the corners waiting to be discovered. Not to mention it helps with dinner prep and grocery shopping, of which most of us loathe. So when we were approached by ModernKitchen USA to collaborate on silicone freezer bags, we realized the step-sister, aka the freezer, gets overlooked when it comes to organization. 

freezer organization

Just like every space we organize, giving each type of item its own permanent place is key to keeping the space tidy and the freezer is no different. We recently went from a side-by-side to a drawer style freezer and found it challenging to keep items, like our smoothie fixings, from being buried underneath a pile of food, getting lost in the mayhem and freezer burnt beyond our wildest imagination. After setting a system and designating space for particular groups of food, we realized that we were still missing something. That freezer burn we were discussing hadn't disappeared just because we found a home for our frozen fruits. And ModernKitchen USA came into our lives at just the right time. Kismet?! 

freezer organization

Not only are these silicone freezer bags safe for the frigid temperatures, but are reusable, and they keep the contents fresh and free of freezer burn. We like to use our for smoothie fruit and a pre-made smoothie base, making our mornings that much easier here in the hot, humid southern weather. Bonus, they come in fun colors and are easily labeled with freezer proof labels.

Tell us, what would you store in these silicone freezer bags by ModernKitchen USA to help you with easier food prep and a more organized freezer? Do you have a side-by-side or a freezer drawer?

freezer organization

**This is a sponsored post. All items were provided to us in exchange for our honest opinion. 



client spaces—maximizing bathroom cabinets
bathroom cabinet organization

Not all bathroom vanities are created equally. Isn’t that the truth, especially if your home isn’t new construction or has been recently remodeled. And as an organizing company, we see countless bathrooms that have insufficient space, to include an absence of drawers. Whoever thought that drawers were a BAD idea in the bathroom had no clue what they were doing. And with said absence, there is always a mountain of items shoved in the cabinets and way too much product on the counter. Bad combination especially if you’re actually trying to find something in particular in a short period of time. Or ever for that matter. 

bathroom cabinet before

We met with yet another client that had this exact issue, shocking we know. We aren’t strangers to this problem, so we have a list of products and tricks up our sleeves to make the cabinets function with perfection. We were lucky that the cabinets were as deep as they were wide, ensuring that our magical sweater drawers would work like a charm. Add that they are dividable, making them customizable, simulating a built in drawer. 

bathroom organization

As with all projects, we started by taking everything out and grouping like products to decide on categories and placement. Once this stage was completed, we decided on the following categories: hygiene, perfume, oils, face & body, hair tools, and feminine. Easy to find, easy to replenish once the supply of a particular item runs low, and by using the sweater drawers, it limits the amount of product that one person can have on hand. There is nothing better than good balance between needs and wants.

bathroom organization

Items we used in this bathroom are listed here and here




organized simplicity
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fridge organization

A well organized and high functioning kitchen has always been high on the priority list for most of our clients. And just as the kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantries are important, the fridge and freezer are equally as important. So when we were approached by BevStow to test their beverage fridge organizer, we were totally about it, as a well space saver in the fridge is priceless, especially when it has to do with our nightly glass of wine.

fridge organization

It is our belief that an organized fridge begins with all the deliciously rainbow colored fresh fruits and vegetables, and ends in a game of tetris to get said food into the fridge in an accessible way. And this is even more true when their are young children in the home, as it is important for them to help themselves to the array of choices. But when it comes to maximizing every inch, it can prove challenging, as many of the adjustable shelves leave room that is not in use, which is totally wasteful in our opinion. Enter BevStow. 

fridge organization

No more attempting to put the open wine bottle in the side door at an angle and hope for the best. No more lying it on a shelf, taking up precious room for other items. Just leave the wine out you say. We say no way. BevStow's suction cup technology allows you to store a bottle of up to 10 lbs under the glass shelf in temperatures from -20F to 120F. The concept of a hanging wine bottle allows the space on the shelf to be used for food, above it the wine. What perfect fridge harmony!

fridge organization

You can find BevStow online for purchase, or find them on Instagram here. Don't forget to tag them in your photos and use #BevStowWine  and #organizedsimplicity to share your fridge with us!

*This is a sponsored post. All items were provided to us for our honest opinion*

organized simplicity
client spaces---closet envy
master closet

It's an understatement to say we love (and live for) creating gorgeously organized spaces. And it's also understood that we have some of the best regular clients that keep welcoming us back into their beautiful homes. Like one of our most recent projects, we just can't get enough of this client's Frank Lloyd Wright-ish style home! We have had the pleasure to have worked in many spaces of this client's home; kitchen, pantry, and art loft. 

master closet before

And we were beyond excited when our client decided she wanted a fresh start on her master closet. Who doesn't love a closet refresh AND a completely newly designed closet system?! Even better, our client's love for color sparked an idea to incorporate a rainbow of hangers, not only to bring in the aesthetic but also to have function, as each color hanger would correspond to a category of clothing. Form, function and beauty...now that's our kind of space! Add a heel box for out of season shoes = perfection!

rainbow hangers
rainbow hangers
accessories storage solutions

Given the go with absolute power to design, we decided the back wall should showcase shoes as the focal point. To the left we added double hanging potential from front to mid way, allowing for our client's massive clothing collection, using accessories boxes for storage. Long hanging sections to the right and the left of the rear of the closet, sectioned for dresses on one side and coats on the other. 

master closet organization

On the right side next to the long hang for coats, we had installed 8 drawers for our client's gorgeous bits and baubles, and 12 drawers for our client to transition from a dresser in the bedroom to all in the closet. We added an Elfa mirror for the perfect area for adding that final touch to any outfit. And never forget a clutch organizer plus baskets for bags for the best storage solution.

jewelry drawer
Elfa mirror
clutch storage

Isn't this just the most lovely transformation you have ever seen?! We're thinking our client may have had a slumber party in this closet when we left. And would you blame her?!


organized simplicity
simple solutions thursday---organizing mementos
Copy of IMG_6609.jpeg

What is the one thing all parents struggle with? A close second behind toddler meltdowns and a strong desire for wine before 5pm, is kids mementos and artwork (read: paper clutter overload). You could get a life size plastic storage tub, dump it all in, and hope for the best. But we all know that method creates nothing but anxiety. You could ask you child's teacher to be selective on what they send home, I mean, do we really need EVERY worksheet that our child lays their hands on?! (Nothing but love to all the teachers out there!) What if we took it upon ourselves to have a system in place that prevented the years of school paper pileup? Enter savor to help us do just that, and quite stylishly we might add!

Savor, began by two moms with school aged children who were tired of the 'ugly plastic bin' catch-all used to corral all the artwork, report cards, and mementos. They developed The Library, which comes in two different versions: The Baby Keepsake Box and The School Years Keepsake Box, with a choice of 3 different color collections that are handcrafted, custom-dyed fabric boxes in such fun colors. Each type includes 50+ labels, initials to personalize your child's box. The Baby Box includes 9 drawers and 8 vertical files, while The School Box includes 16 vertical files, perfect for collecting those items we as parents would love to preserve over time, passing them down to our children proudly.

Copy of IMG_6599.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6598.jpeg

We were honored when approached by savor to test out their bespoke product. As organizers, any product that creates a system and thereby creates peace, is one we can get behind.

Copy of IMG_6604.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6605.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6475.jpeg

We, similar to many other parents, stored our children's keepsakes in plastic bins under the bed. We had already created a system of photographing artwork to make photobooks, keeping only the top picks, eliminating and editing school work and school report, all while keeping baby mementos in their own storage. Did we love the way it was stored? No. Did if function to our highest standards? No. Was it easy to reminisce with our children and their mementos? No. Were we proud of our storage solution as professional organizers? Absolutely not. 

Copy of IMG_6602.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6601.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6600.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6617.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6616.jpeg

Upon receiving the boxes, we noted the high quality of the fabric and the gorgeous hue of the color right off the bat. The included stickers to organize encompassed a broad range of categories, and the compartments and folders made of high quality, able to withstand lots of little hands, and more than enough space to keep those items that we hold dear to our hearts. And being able to have a home for specific keepsake items, priceless!

Copy of IMG_6607.jpeg
Copy of IMG_6611.jpeg

Did we mention the choice of colors coordinate great either within children's rooms, or within adults decor as well, without standing out like an eyesore.  Perfection!  Now, for any expecting parents or clients with children, we have a new go-to gift! You can purchase these savor Baby Keepsake Boxes here and the School Years here

Copy of IMG_6606.jpeg
2017 gift guide

It's that time of year when the pressure is on to buy ALL the right gifts. From kids, to husbands, to hosts of holiday parties, the enormous weight is upon our shoulders to gift that uber special item. And while we are not big on materialistic things, we do agree it is nice to give and receive during the holidays. That being said, gifting quality over quantity is our motto, and wanted to share our gift guide of all the items we believe are worthy of giving.


Nothing says 'thank you' for hosting like a well thought out gift. We like to make our gifts multi-purpose, so gifting a lovely stoneware platter or acacia serving bowl with a ready to serve appetizer is one of our favorite gifts for the host. Not only do they get an addition to their already planned meal, but a gorgeous serving piece to add to their collection to boot.




A favorite of ours to gift 'to her' are our go-to winter essentials; skin care and shoes. Might sound odd (or even offensive) but we've never met a woman that didn't want the best kin whilst wearing some serious fab shoes. And when we find these products we swear by, we can't wait to share.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.15.19 PM.png



We love a good functional gift as much as the next, and our two top gift picks are nothing short of just that.  For 'him' we like to give a leather catchall/valet for the bedside table or closet for all those items that find there way in and out of his pockets. We also love the cord tacos for those millions of cords he just has to have!




Kids gifts can seem tricky, as every store is brimming with possible options for gifting. We are huge fans of bringing children back to the basics. And nothing like a deck of rainbow fredericks & mae playing cards to play a fun game of go fish, or some black and white dominos for some classic fun. For the techie child, an old school fujifilm camera to snap instant photos. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 6.41.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 6.42.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 6.43.22 PM.png



The holidays are full of people coming and going, but those that stay with us deserve a little more. In addition to adding a basket of necessities to their room, such as toiletries, we love to have a cozy combination of a robe and slippers from our favorite store, parachute. Not only do your guests get to enjoy the lavish spa like getaway, they can take those items with them and recreate the same feeling in their own home.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.12.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.12.12 PM.png



While we are believers in the less is more movement, we do like to treat ourselves during the holiday season. And for us, nothing beats quality linens from parachute, like our favorite percale sheet sets and waffle bath towels. Not only do we feel great about these yearly purchases, it also allows us to purge old sets and donate to those in need. Win-win. And who wouldn't want high quality sound with a small footprint? Sonos is always at the top of our wish list. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.13.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 2.13.54 PM.png


If none of these strike your fancy and you feel like you want to burn the house to the ground because of all the clutter, we always have gift certificate options for home organization courtesy of yours truly!

What are you favorite go-to gifts for the holidays? Whatever you give, we wish you a very happy holiday season!





organized simplicity
client spaces---bathroom cabinets
under sink organization

One of areas we see mismanaged the most is the dreaded bathroom cabinets. It's almost as if most are so overwhelmed by the number of products, that it ends up a jumbled mess. Like one of those cabinets you dread to open cause EVERYTHING will fall out. We spent a few sessions helping out a lovely family of seven...you read that right, 7 getting their bathrooms in order, and the results were fantastic.

before bathroom

We began with the mom's bathroom to treat her, as she has successfully raised 5 lovely children (she's beyond amazing and we still don't know how she does it all). Our client explained her bathroom with one word....stressful. And just like every other space in our home, we never want to pair that word with ANY space, especially those areas that we use to get ready for our day.  Like, who wants to begin their day on the wrong foot....no one.

organized bathroom drawer
organized bathroom drawer

Be removing items from the countertop and creating zones in the drawers and cabinets, we were able to begin to create the sense of calm our client so desired. The client did request that her daily items remain on the counter, and we obliged. We grouped like products to create simple categories for the homeowner to find and file items. Body, face, hair, dental, feminine all within easy to reach labeled baskets. We also used our favorite divided turntables to house our client's spray tan and nail care, making selecting the right item a breeze. For the drawers, shallow drawer organizers help to corral hair accessories, lip balm, and qtips for easy access.

organized bathroom vanity

As for our client's 3 younger children, we wanted to make space under the cabinets for their toiletries plus a space for towels. By adding a two tier organizer, we were able to corral all items in one place, completely freeing up one cabinet for each child's towels.

before child bathroom
after child's bathroom
before boy's bathroom cabinet
after boy's bathroom cabinet
before child's bathroom cabinet
after child's bathroom cabinet
before bathroom drawer
after bathroom drawer

And shallow drawer organizers created zones as to where all items would be placed when not using.

before bathroom drawer
after bathroom cabinet

These inexpensive fixes allowed a busy mom the ability to see what each bathroom had on hand, designate towels to each family member, and feel at peace when opening each and every cabinet. For us, we are so thrilled to have simplified such a stressful area for a fantastic family.

organized simplicity
client spaces---a closet for creativity
art closet

We were recently contacted by a lovely, yet overwhelmed, artist who was in desperate need of regaining her creative side. She needed our assistance as clutter was blocking her ability to create, and as soon as we saw the space, we completely understood.

before art closet

In order to even begin putting her creative, right-brained ideas on canvas, it would require our client to browse through 30+ boxes of art materials haphazardly stored. And did we mention that said boxes were stacked onto of each other inside of a coat closet.  Within minutes of doing the above, the desire to be artistic would flee, leaving our client feeling completely frustrated.  And we totally agreed.

after art closet

We began the space as we do all others, by taking everything out. The client removed the wire shelving and added Intermetro shelving, giving an affordable and flexible shelving system to the space. We then got to work categorizing, and eventually to shopping for proper containment. We like try to re-use client's existing items prior to adding more in, but since we wanted to steer clear of oversized bins, we avoided using the client's old containers. We also had to make the closet where all the art supplies would be stored functional, and new practical containment would do just that.  An added bonus, limiting space for the client to bring in new materials without having to do an edit beforehand.  Creating boundaries is especially humbling.

sharpie and paint organization
artbin for sharpies
bricks for markers
turntable for paint organization

We used a combination of different styles of containment for accessibility and ease of being stacked. Some may inquire whether or not it is important to use all the same types of containers, to which we would say no. By using a variety of artbins for sharpies and notecards, like-it bricks for pens and markers, dividided stacking bins for stickers and tape, smartstore for acrylic paints and oil pastels, document cases for stencils and prints, magazine and file dividers for notebooks and felt, and turntables for paint we were able to maximize the space efficiently and aesthetically, the two request for the space from our client.  And we think we achieved both perfectly!

art closet after
client spaces---updating all the closets
closet organization

We were contacted by a lovely couple who had recently purchased a pre-1940s home in one of Atlanta's top historic districts. And while the home had charm, a beautiful yard, and a family friendly neighborhood, the closets lacked function in the current year. And that's where we came in. 

closet before organization

Your standard single metal rod hung in each one of the 3 closets of the houses two bedrooms, making each space difficult to manage.  And did we mention that the master closet was actually two small closets, with the guest closet having the largest closet?! The spaces seemed totally backwards, but with the right shelving systems we knew we could make it work. We enlisted the assistance of the container store in installing elfa shelving, designing the best configuration to maximize the client's small closets.

before master closet
after 'his' master closet
'his' master closet organization

The two master closets were quite a simple fix, adding doubling hanging shelving to maximize the height of the closets plus accommodating shoes and laundry hampers that needed to remain in the space.  Upper shelving was used for out of season items, bags, and linen storage, as the couple did not have a linen closet in the home.

before 'hers' master closet
after 'hers' master closet organization
'hers' closet organization after

The guest closet, which also doubled as our client's main closet and soon-to-be baby's closet, was a little more tricky. We needed to accommodate our client's clothing, but also keeping in mind that it would soon be converted to a baby's closet (what a lucky babe!). With any luck, the baby's clothing would only take up half and the mom could continue to enjoy her added space, at least for the first few years. We installed a double hang section to be used mostly for the baby, and a long hang section for mom to use for all of her beautifully colored dresses. We maximized the vertical space with several rows of shelving, as most baby clothing is easier folded and tucked away neatly in a basket for easy retrieval. In light of this, we left several empty baskets as place markers for the sweet babe's items as they were purchased. Shoe racks were installed to help keep shoe clutter under raps, and a stackers jewelry box adorned the client's jewels. We also used an acrylic file holder to store the client's clutches and a few additional stackable shoe containers for flats and sandals.

guest closet organization before
guest closet organization after
closet organization
closet organization
shoe, jewelry, and clutch organization
shoe organization closet

We also had the pleasure of restructuring the couples hall coat closet, which was also used for storage for scarves, cleaning items, and overstock bathroom supplies.  We added a few baskets adorned with labels to create zones for the specific items, switched out hangers to add conformity and additional room, and removed items that needed to live somewhere else.  

coat closet organization

These spaces not only functioned WAY more efficiently than before, but aesthetically so pleasing to look at!  And that's what we aim to accomplish with each and every client. 


client spaces---art studio

Nothing screams more fun than art supplies, with their endless possibilities of being categorized and in color order. So when a good client of ours calls and asked us to organize her art studio, we were all in! We like to think of ourselves as fairly artistic, as organizing in an aesthetically pleasing manor takes some talent. But we were so no prepared for the magnitude of variety our client had on hand. Totally made us feel like we were in the corner with our drawing tablet and box of crayons, not cool enough to know about all of the fun stuff! And it dawned on us that we are totally novice artists, and we would just stick with what we knew best, organizing all the art materials.

Not only were we totally envious of all of our client's amazing art supplies, but her art studio as well, which is an open concept loft that floats above her entire living space, which totally had us super jealous. But while we were loving the space, we completely understood why our client avoided the area altogether since her move across country close to one year ago. There were at least 5 large plastic bins haphazardly stuffed with pens, pencils, markers, paper, cards, envelopes, etc. If you could image it, it was in these totes. And it was totally overwhelming our client. But not us. To say we felt like a giddy kid on Christmas morning was a total understatement.  And we couldn't wait to get started.

We started by removing everything, yes everything, out of the bins.  Next up, sorting.  Like with like, nothing easier than this step, but can prove so overwhelming to many. Then we took inventory of what we had on hand and decided containment from this step.  The area was very open and had several drafting tables, built ins, and plenty of counter space.  But we didn't want it all out cluttering up the visual area.  And with so many different types of markers, pens and pencils, we knew we needed something that could contain yet separate them into appropriate categories.  And we found exactly what we were looking for.

Enter the ArtBin and all of their glory.  I mean, what can't these things do?! Perfect for both our client's selection of writing materials AND a fabulous way of organizing her greeting card collection into easy to find categories. For her selection of art pads and paper we used the ever versatile acrylic file collator, helping to divide by type and ease of finding exactly what our client would be looking for. 


On the desktop, we use a corner section to house her calligraphy tools, inks, and special pens and pencils in these fabulous acrylic 3 drawer organizers, making all items easy to see, without cluttering the desktop. Acrylic paper drawers are always our go-to with loose paper, easy to find, easy to contain. We finished off the space with our custom block script labels, which can be found in our 'shop' section on our website for purchase. We topped off the desk with an acrylic easel to showcase our talented client's artwork. Fingers crossed she commissions a piece for us for our office!