tuesday's quick tip

As an organizer, I am a huge fan of lists....no big surprise there!  And when it comes to the holiday season, my lists are my go-to to remain organized, calm and collected.  Tis the season to be jolly, not frazzled! Just as I track all gifts purchased, as I discussed last week on simple solutions thursday, I also find it helpful to track all holiday cards written and mailed. IMG_5781

One might say that is quite excessive and unnecessary, but I generally do not write all of my holiday cards in a single day.  This task can get taxing, and depending on the number of friends, family, past clients, and present clients in your address book, it is best to break down over the span of a few days.  This way every card is heartfelt, not rushed to be finished, giving all your effort to each and every person. And by doing so, it is necessary to jot down to whom you have already written.

I stumbled across this very adorable (and straight forward) holiday card tracker over at @michaeladhoffman's site, HappyApple. No need to recreate the  wheel or make additional work for yourself, use what many talented people on the world wide web have designed with you in mind! Once written, I double check and cross reference my list with my address book to make sure no one was overlooked.  Then I sit back, completely content with another successful year of bringing holiday cheer the old fashion way!


Do you send holiday cards in the mail? How do you track who was written to and was not?  Tag me in your photos using the hashtag #holidaycardsos and I will feature the best idea on the blog.