tuesday's quick tip

I am an avid snail mail lover.  I love to send the people in my life greeting cards for any and all occasions. I even send them to my very own daughters living in my home.  I guess that is because I have memories of receiving cards for all occasion from my mother.  May sound a little excessive to you, I say we need more random acts of kindness in the world, and sending greeting cards is mine. I also love purchasing cards.  Some of my favorite places to find unique, high quality, inexpensive cards is at Home Goods. I stock up on the regular so that I am never caught unprepared for a special occasion or life event. Doing so, I have devised a system to stay organized so that I am ready come an occasion. IMG_4924

I have chosen to repurpose old photo storage boxes to keep my cards organized.  Add a little gold spray paint and washi tape to give it a facelift, labeled dividers to sort cards by type and you have your own greeting card shop.  Not only does it work like absolute perfection, it makes a great piece to contribute to a fantastic shelfie.





No more last minute trips to the store, no more belated cards.  Any occasion that could be thought of is represented well within my greeting card boxes. And the part that makes me most happy, is knowing I potentially can make a person's day that much brighter.


Are you a fellow lover of receiving post? Do you find it to be a hassle to have cards on handy? Tell me, I would love to hear about it!