tuesday's quick tip

As a professional organizer, it probably comes as no surprise to know I am also a very organizer shopper!  I personally enjoy finding the best deals from groceries, to gifts, and of course, organizing supplies.  I coupon regularly to keep our family budgeted costs in check, spending time each week to plan out my family's upcoming needs and local sales.  In doing so, being highly organized is necessary to take advantage of weekly deals.  There is no sense in attempting to save money while shopping if you cannot locate all necessary items to help you save!  And of course, time is of the essence, so establishing a routine beforehand is key. IMG_4682

I have a large coupon binder, divided into several main categories (I will elaborate on this another week), but have found when I take it into the store it is large and awkward in size, not to mention that I also spend way more money than originally budgeted.  There is always a deal waiting to be had, as you know if you have ever stepped inside a Target, but not always a need for right now.  By using a simple accordion file, I make my lists ahead of time, match up any coupons with the deals, and head out to the store, sticking to my list. Always easier said than done, but this method has helped me stay on track!




I have found the accordion file, a $1 at Target's dollar spot, to be the perfect size to fit into my bag without being too bulky, yet spacious enough with its 12 divided sections to organize, making shopping super simple.  I have used the following categories to subdivide my accordion file (and of course they are in alphabetically order):

  • activities
  • gift cards
  • lists
  • mall
  • online
  • publix
  • receipts
  • returns
  • store
  • target

All fairly self-explanatory, discounts for activities for my girls, i.e. groupons, coupons for ice cream, etc. Lists for ongoing items needed while I patiently wait for sales, receipts for that week's spending, any return receipts for items that need to be returned, and store for any discounted deals that I may have found, i.e., craft stores, dining out, etc.




I also include a small notebook within my publix and target tabs, as these are the 2 stores I do all of my grocery shopping.  Once the weekly list is created and coupons found, in they go together within their tab and are easily retrieved once I arrive at the store.  Add a pen and you're all prepared to shop and save some money!

Once I have completed my weekly shopping, any unused coupons, receipts and lists are removed and I begin again for the next week.  I return my accordion file back to my bag where it is readily available everywhere I go.  Small, convenient and organized.  Just the way life should be!


Do you like to take advantage of weekly deals? How do you stay on top of being organized?  Tag me in your photos on Instagram, @organized_simplicity, I would love to see!