tuesday's quick tip

Cords.  How I loathe them.  Even in the cordless world we live in, we still depend on cords to give our electronic the power they need.  Especially when were are on the go.  9 times out of 10, my phone is fully charged before leaving home.  But in the event that anything is possible, I have a tip to keep those cords close at hand, but not in a tangled mess in the glovebox. IMG_4335


In my SUV, I have a very odd (and quite useless) area under my stereo/AC unit. In reality, objects tend to roll down to this area, only to be discovered days to weeks later.  Not useful.  I also have quite a large center console between the front seats, but without care can become an abyss of junk.  Storing anything within the area becomes a game, searching with your arm elbow deep, pulling out anything and everything except what in fact you are looking for.  Again, not useful.

As I have proclaimed my love before for lucite and madesmart products (on more than one occasion), another one of their trays saves the day!  This rectangular lucite tray, lined with rubber grippies (total technical term folks) on the top and bottom, keep my bin full of cords and essentials in place and close at hand.  No sense having an organized bin if it's going to end up sliding onto the floor!






This odd space now stores cell chargers, headphones and iPod, car charger, pens and sticky notes just in case of a ingenious idea, and mace as I do run quite a bit in the great outdoors solo. All cords are wrapped up nice and neat and secured with Velcro ties (another lifesaver).  Out of sight, but within reach. Perfect combination for those less desirable, but necessary items!

How to you store these cords in your vehicle?  Show me your system, I would love to see!