tuesday's quick tip

In the time we live in, multi-tasking is key to getting all done on our to-do list. Well at least it seems to be the key. I have prided myself on my outstanding ability to multi-task, taking on more as soon as one item is semi done on my list. I thought by spreading my concentration to several items, more would get done.  Boy, was I wrong! IMG_1179

Instead of completing tasks, I felt like everything was only ever partially done. I tried justifying working on more than one task at a time, telling myself I would never get everything completed if I didn't.  Instead what I was doing was putting out only half.  Half heart, half energy, half thought.  Half of everything. I realized when all things in my life began to look sloppy, which was the polar opposite of the way I wanted, I needed to reevaluate my methods.  Ultimately, I need to quit multi-tasking.



Now when I say multi-tasking, I don't include things such as thinking and brainstorming for future projects.  I must constantly be ahead, for fear I will get behind.  But rather the action of completing the tasks at hand.  I now am slowly learning how to take one project and finish it (to perfection, I might add!), no matter how many bumps or delays, before moving on.  Once you set your mind to prioritize and complete a task one at a time, mental freedom is yours.  No more worrying, stressing, or panicking.  And above all, any effort put out is 100% all of the time. My best suggestion, make a list.  Prioritize, but also be realistic.  Completing a few smaller tasks quickly and effectively will also give you the confidence to tack the larger projects.