tuesday's quick tip

Keys.  One thing all keys have in common is they are used to open something. Another commonality is they are equally as easy to lose.  I have always been an advocate for keeping systems in place, but systems vary from person to person as far as how effective they are.  For instance, some individuals may find a catch-all bowl by the front door a perfect place for keys, while some (like my husband) may keep them in the pocket of their pants, transferring them from pocket to pocket in the next day's outfit.  Again, your systems will solely become effective if it works for you and if you implement said system consistently. IMG_3864

For myself, I have always found that clipping my keys to my bag via carabiner to be the only solution to not misplacing my keys.  Not so much when I am at home, as above systems may work comfortably, but out and about, running errands or out with family and friends.  Nothing is more frustrating then having to dig around a huge bag to locate keys, whilst holding hands with two little ones and bags in tow.  As soon as I turn off the car, the keys are directly clipped to the inside of my bag.  Same place, every time.  No more searching, no more digging, no more frustration.

How do you keep track of your keys?  Have an ingenious trick that could help the masses? My best suggestion, find a system that works for you and use it! Remember, repetition ensures the habit!