Spring Cleaning: Storing Tax Documents

That dreaded time of year has come and gone again.  I'm talking tax season.  Now that the deadline to file has passed, I thought we could talk about how to store tax documents.  Not only is it bad enough to have to keep all those papers for 7 long years, the storage designed for them is not so hot.

I used to be one of those folks that used the good ole bankers box to store my documents in my attic.
Then over time while stacked, the weight of the papers in each box began to crush the box below it.
And so on and so on for all 7 boxes.  This then began to create its own issue.  With the box no longer resembling a box, stacking them became a hazard.  I can't tell you how many times we have heard a crash and gone into the attic to see a bankers box of papers strewn across our attic floor.  No thanks.
Time to upgrade!

Please ignore the shattered light bulb in these photos, that's a whole different post!

My needs for this project were simple: to make sure my documents were organized by year, easily accessible, and would stack neatly (and safely!).  Simple enough.  Nothing a clear, stackable container couldn't solve.   

Utilizing one 32 qt container per year, I was able to easily cut my needed storage space in half, not to mention I no longer fear for my safety when entering my attic!  But no organized storage would be complete without a label.  If you have ever been on the fence about owning a label maker, it will be one of the smartest purchases you will make to keep yourself organized!

How do you store your tax documents for those 7 long years?  Do you use bankers boxes, plastic containers or some amazing product?  Share with me, I would love to know!

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