Spring Cleaning: Sorting the Linen Closet

Ever feel like whoever built your home took absolutely no account into the closet spaces.  Um yeah, me too!  Our linen closet is beyond tiny and can become a nightmare so easily.  This is where having systems comes into play to stay organized.

My best advice when it comes to a linen closet is to group like items together, rotating where the items are according to the season.  Out of season, the higher (or lower) the item goes.  This has seemed to work so far for our family to keep this little closet organized.  Let's break down the shelves:
Keeping the closet 'zoned' is the only way I have found from keeping it from returning to its 'before' look:
You might say it's not too bad.  It made me cringe every time I opened the door to retrieve an item. Not to mention things would tumble out at any given moment.
A few tips and tricks to share with you for maximizing a small closet space:
  • Group like items-you will spend less time hunting for them.
  • Store sheet sets within its own pillow case.  Thank you Martha Stewart for such a great tip!
  • Use small baskets or bins to corral toiletries for the whole household.
  • Never, never, never throw away the plastic bag with zippers that a blanket comes in.  This item alone is super handy for storing and stacking bulky winter items within the linen closet.
  • Maximize your vertical space.  Move bulky, out of season items higher in the closet.  
  • Label-it's a time saver!
  • Keep extra towels under cabinets within bathrooms to free up space within the linen closet.  If you must keep your towels in the closet, make sure you roll them to maximize space.
    These are a few simple, inexpensive tips to a more efficient linen closet.  Not wanting to spend much money as we are going renovate this closet soon (fingers crossed!), my out of pocket cost was no more than $5.00.  
    Do you struggle with organization in your linen closet?  I would love to see how you tackle this simple project.  Share with me on Instagram by tagging your photos with @organized_simplicity.  I can't wait to check out your progress!

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