Spring Cleaning: Restocking Gift Wrap

As posted previously in my Fabulous February Reader Challenge Reveal, I am absolutely smitten with all things gift wrap!  Over the holidays, my gift wrapping station takes a beating and the choices begin to dwindle down.  I have made a habit of restocking these divine supplies during my spring cleaning routine.  

After Easter, I love to go into the big box stores and search for great deals on all things gift wrap.  Between the dollar section and Easter clearance at Target alone, I can easily plan ahead for any celebrations that may pop up over the rest of the year. I not only save money by stocking up, I save ample amounts of time by planning for the year ahead. 

I would only endorse stocking up on any product if you have a designated and organized space to store it in.  If not, this tip may lead to clutter and disorganization, which we so don't want in our lives!

Do you keep gift wrap around the house?  Or are you the type to personalize each gift by a trip to the store?  I would love to hear about it!
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