Spring Cleaning: Purging the Junk Drawer

I'm talking to you...yes, you!  Don't feel ashamed, even the most organized and tidy individual has one. I will speak on behalf of my own drawer, it seems to have a magnetic pull for anything and everything that does not have a permanent home.  Spare keys, batteries, sewing kits, reading lights, tools, kids candy.  Like I said, anything and everything.  And let me add that this drawer is also by far the smallest drawer in my home.  

Isn't the after picture so lovely!?  Let me get real.  Here is the before.  Not so lovely, huh?
To begin, I removed all of the items from the drawer.  Then I decided what really needs to be in the drawer in the kitchen.  Sewing kit?  Nope.  Candy?  Nope.  Batteries, spare keys, flashlights and a few small tools...yes.  
With a few simple organizers from The Container Store, I can keep all my batteries by type together, all spare keys in one place, and small tools and flashlights handy when the unexpected happens.  

The key to keeping it organized is nothing new comes in unless is belongs in one of the existing categories in the drawer.  This forces us as a family to put items back in their home or making the tough decision of whether or not to keep it.

Do you have a junk drawer in your home?  Feel free to send me a photo of it before and after and take pride that you are not alone!

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