Spring Cleaning: Kids Toys & Books

Ever feel like you kids rooms are drowning in toys and books?  Ever feel that it only bothers you?  Yeah, me too.  While many areas in the home only need reevaluating once a year or so, this is so not the case for kids rooms.  


I like to reevaluate my girls space 3 times per year:  spring, early fall (before school begins) and before Christmas (as my girls birthdays are within days of the holidays!).  This enables me to help my girls decide which toys they have outgrown, which books they are finished with and would like to donate or sell, and help them say sayonara to any broken toys.  Sound excessive?  Try organizing children's stuff once a year and let me know how overwhelming it becomes!  
By taking the time to revisit my girls toys and books 3 times a year, it also lessens the stress of the situation for all parties involved.  When working with children, it's best not to put pressure on them to rid themselves of their possessions, or to attempt to do too much at once.  This is where revisiting this area 3 times a year comes into play.  Slow and steady wins the race! 






Another helpful tip in helping children feel comfortable in the purging process is to talk about the children that could be potentially be receiving their items.  It always helps with my girls to put a face with the donation, even if it's their imagination at work to help put their little minds at ease!
When do you tackle the clutter of your kids rooms?  Do you get them involved, or find it best to purge when they are away?  Tell me your secrets you found to successfully organize a child's room!
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