Spice Cabinet Organization & A Free Printable

Happy New Year all!  I hope that your holidays were full of wonderful memories, an abundance of relaxation and a ton tasty food!  I enjoyed the spending time with my family, but am ready to get back to a schedule.  Call me a creature of habit!  
After all the holiday baking, my spice cabinet was barely recognizable (yes, us organized folks still have our messy moments too!).  With all the baking festivities, our spice cabinet became unruly, unorganized, and down right disgusting, making it difficult to know what I had on hand.  To simplify future shopping trips and meal preparation, I designed a list to track what was inside the cabinet and what needs to be added to that weeks shopping list.  

A quick lamination and some washi tape, my new spice cabinet inventory list sits pretty on the inside of the cabinet door. 

After a little tidying, designating a shelf for spices, a shelf for baking and a shelf for my recipe binder, the calm set in and all was back to order within my spice cabinet!  And as a bonus, here is a peek inside my recipe binder.  I know keeping recipes is old school, as everything is in digital form now, but there is something still magical about paper.

Any recipe that has been tried and true goes into this binder, divided into several categories so that it is easy to find.  While I utilize Pinterest to add new ideas to bring to our dinner table, the time spent searching for a recipe is minimal when using a 3 ring binder.  And when a new recipe is given a thumbs up by all family members, it is printed and earns a new place in my recipe binder.  Super simple!

And as promised, a little freebie for you to join me in organizing your spice cabinet!

What are your methods for conquering your spice and baking cabinet clutter?  I would love to hear all about it! 

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