Small Solutions Tuesday: Waterproof Bag + Reusable Cleaning Cloths

I have always disliked using paper towels.  Maybe it's the waste, maybe it's the cost.  Maybe it's both!   I have now for a number of years used reusable cloths when cleaning.  But to be honest, sometimes I slip back into buying and using paper towels for one reason, and one reason only.  I do not know where to put the smelly, grimy, used cleaning cloths while waiting their turn for a trip to the washing machine.  Sad excuse, I know.  So now I am sticking to my guns, no more paper towels!  

And just like that, my question of how to store said cleaning cloths was answered while checking Pinterest one day.  Jen over at iheartorganizing came up with a magical solution that I knew would work like a charm.  A wet bag designed with small children in mind, useful for wet clothes when accidents strike.  This would be fantastic for housing these dirty clothes.  And the icing on the cake, it's machine washable!  No need to rummage through the bag, as it goes into the wash as well.  Lifesaver?  Yep, it sure is!

To keep this waterproof bag handy and in a place that it will serve its purpose, I used some command clips to adhere it to my kitchen cabinet underneath my sink.  

When I am finished with a cloth, it's simply popped in the bag and shut out of sight.  No more piles of smelly cloths mixed in with the laundry.  This system works so well, I have ordered another bag to use for the upstairs reusable cleaning cloths.

Have you made the switch from paper products to a reusable option?  How do you store your used cloths while waiting for a wash?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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