Small Solutions Tuesday: Losing the Knife Block

You probably notice by now that there is an underlying theme to most of Fabulous February.  Besides the organization aspect, it is that my home is on the smaller side, giving less space for me to work with. Less space = more creative.  But today's small solution just seems to make sense across the board, small house or large.

A magnetic strip to hold knives.  Now doesn't it seem that this should be standard in a kitchen?  I have always found the knife block quite baffling.  And to honest, a little unhygienic.  You never know what knife you have until you pull is out of the block and it takes up WAY too much counter space!  In my home, empty counter space is key to a functional kitchen.
And there you have it!  Ditch the knife block and add a magnetic strip to the wall to house your knives. You can thank me later!
How do you utilize your countertop space in the kitchen?  Do you use the walls for storing kitchen utensils?  Are your counters cluttered?  Send me a photo, I would love to see your space!

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