Small Solution Tuesday: Snack Stations for Kids--Fridge & Pantry

It never fails, my little ones get hungry as soon as I possibly look busy or ever have the rare opportunity to sit down.  As my girls have gotten older, we have allowed them to help themselves to a snack when hunger strikes.  Of course we don't set them free to graze on anything at will, but instead set up the fridge and pantry with ample amounts of healthy snacking choices to tie them over to the next meal.  

By doing so it is a win-win situation for all involved.  The children are able to make their own choices and help themselves (what child doesn't like choices!) and the parents spend less time being taken away from tasks, such as helping with homework, working or making dinner.

I love to keep yogurt, cheese sticks and apple squeeze pouches along with reusable water bottles at the ready.  For the pantry, goldfish and raisins (both already size portioned), oat bars and natural fruit strips, all at kid height in caddy's found at my local dollar store.

Nothing flashy or fancy, but for just over $3 for all three at my local dollar store, these baskets serve a fantastic purpose and are all easily replaced if needed.

How do you handle snack and drinks for your little ones in your home?  I hope you can implement some form of storage to make life easier for you!  Any ideas?  Share with me, I would love to hear!

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