Small Solution Tuesday: Beside Organizer

I am an on-the-go person all day long.  Come the evening, I begin to slow down but still find it in me to get some work done.  Even when sitting in my super peaceful bedroom.  

Far too often I find myself comfortable, searching for a notebook, my iPad charger or little projects that I am working on, not wanting to get up to look for said stuff.  Lazy you say?!  Not really, I find it the time wasted looking for these things more unproductive than anything else.  The time wasted searching is time wasted working.  Enter our first Small Solution Tuesday.

The solution is super simple.  Add an organizer at your beside within arms reach with all your nighttime needs.  This reduces the clutter that gathers on the nightstand and puts everything at your fingertips. You could even add small projects that pushed by the wayside, something we are all guilty of doing (that would be mending anything with needle and thread for me).  Maybe it's the multi-tasker in me, but even on my laziest of days I still have to keep busy while watching TV in the evening.

And there you have it folks.  Just as the title implies, small solution for a big impact.  Now I have no excuses to have lingering projects, although there always seems plenty to do!

Tell me how you corral your books, media, etc at your beside.  Are you a multi-tasker or do you find you are finished once you hit the bed?

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