Small Pantry Organization

Over the weekend I continued on with updating my tiny kitchen in hopes of utilizing and perfecting every inch.  I overhauled under my kitchen sink and the spice cabinet last week and was completely smitten with the results!  Moving forward with that momentum I decided to work on our small pantry closet.  I had posted a few months back regarding ditching retail packaging and highlighted my pantry. You can read all about it here.  
While I was happy with the update, my elation was only temporary.  As I have said prior, it always helps to see just how efficient a system is by simply living with it and utilizing it on a daily basis.  The plastic containers on the door shelf were just not making me feel the love.  They were too large for the contents within, the lids seemingly always popped off (and no one likes stale nuts), and nothing matched.  Back to the drawing board. 
And just like that, I was wondering the dollar section of Target and there was my answer.  Glass mason jars with galvanized steel tops for just a dollar!?  Don't mind if I do!  I instantly gathered as many as my cart could carry.  Throw in chalkboard labels for a dollar a pack and you have a match made in heaven. Now I could organize my pantry door as I always wanted.  


After bring home the goods, the rest fell into place.  Jars, check.  Chalkboard labels, check.  Chalkboard marker, check.  Let the decanting begin!





And just like that, the transition was over and my pantry was looking way better than before.   What I love about it is I can now store more items on the pantry door, and it is not too bad on the eye either! Dreams really do come true!

My small kitchen organization projects are coming together quite nicely!  I hope you have enjoyed watching me maximize a tiny space.  Join me in the next few days for my last installment of utilizing cupboards.  I hope to see you there!

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