simple solutions thursday

I don't know about you, but I love a good deal.  Especially when it comes to saving a dollar on groceries.  I take pride in feeding my family with healthy and nutritious food, but sometimes it can be downright expensive.  Because of this, I coupon.  For the past 8 years, I have structured my life and our grocery budget around weekly sales and the almighty coupon, saving at least half of what I spend.  Amazing, right?! You can as well, you just need alittle organization and you'll be on your way in no time! IMG_4793

I have tried many methods of organizing my coupons, but the one I always come back to it utilizing a binder, dividers, and baseball trading card protectors.  Dividing your binder into 6-8 main categories helps immensely when it is time to make your weekly list.  The following categories I have found work for me:

  • canned/boxed
  • dairy
  • frozen
  • household
  • meat
  • personal care
  • Publix/Target
  • snacks





This way when I sit down with my Sunday paper and printed coupons, I clip, stack according to category and am able to easily file.

In order for this system to be efficient you need one thing: consistency.  I typically sit down to coupon twice per week, Sunday evening, as I am clipping, filing and discarding the expired coupons, and Wednesday when I make my grocery list for the upcoming week.



I also keep an envelope file folder in the back of my binder to house scissors, a calculator, and a pen.  Along with my coupons, my grocery list, and my binder, I am 100% prepared to save that money!


Do you coupon? What system do you use to maintain a level of organization? Tag me in your photos on Instagram, @organized_simplicity, I would love to check them out!