simple solutions thursday

While I find myself to be quite a crafty individual, I have never proclaimed to be a good seamstress.  In fact, I have never sewn anything.  Not once.  I have a sewing machine, and an intense love of fabrics, but have never tempted fate. Maybe sometime in the near future it will be added to my ongoing to-do list. But in the meantime, I have numerous yards of fabric, which I use daily for colorful backgrounds in photos.  And being an organized gal, of course I must show you how I keep all things sewing together. IMG_4670

For my needs and small space allowance, I require a lightweight stackable container, as these remnants are stored in my laundry room.  Ok, let's be honest, I have a laundry closet, not a laundry room.  Ikea's Tjena box came as the perfect size, portable as it has handles on both ends, and a lid for that stacking ability.  Inside I neatly folded all fabric pieces and stood them upright, being able to easily see what I have on hand.  For the bits and bobs necessary for sewing, buttons, needles and threat, etc. I use several Burken jars from Ikea which also serve as a barrier, holding the fabric upright. IMG_4663


IMG_4664 IMG_4671


While I am not typically an advocate for boxes or bins for organizing, as most of the time they become a catch all, there are certain scenarios where I find them super useful.  And this is definitely one!  Not only is everything needed to mend an item in one place, it is easily located in its home within our laundry closet for all to find.  Add a fun label and you're all set!

Do you find yourself drawn to fabric and sewing like myself? How do you organize and store all the necessary materials?  Tell me, I would love to hear!