simple solutions thursday

Chalkboard still my beating heart!  Whether you are using them in a kitchen, an office, or a playroom, the possibilities are endless.  And most importantly, erasable! IMG_4010

As I have said previously, a good system should always be examined for functionality.  I have been known from time to time to revamp or tweak systems as they end up not functioning the way I initially thought they would. Chalkboard labels come into handy especially in my kitchen, as most of our pantry items have been decanted, trashing that unsightly retail packaging.  This means sometimes products change, and with chalkboard labels, this change can occur with a wipe of a damp cloth.





And then as simple as that, a new product can be added to the label.  Above all, the most fabulous thing when using chalkboard labels in the kitchen is the cooking instructions can be written right onto the label.  No cutting out and taping, no more googling the cooking directions, right onto the label.  It is just as simple as that!

Do you use chalkboard labels in your home or office?  Where do you find them most useful?  Tag me in your photos on Instagram, @organized_simplicity.  I would love to see your creativity!