simple solutions thursday

Repurposing is very near and dear to my frugal heart.  Whether an item be new, gently used, or is in need of a major overhaul, I love it equally.  As long as an item has a clear and concise purpose, it is welcome in my home.  And let's just be honest for a second, the best things in life are free.  They truly are. Especially any and all glass food jars.  Ok, well they are not 100% free, as you purchased the product in it, but you then have a perfectly good jar once the product is gone  You get the point. IMG_3812

After a little TLC, these babies are as good as new!  Sometimes the label can be difficult.  A favorite trick of mine is to soak in a little Goof Off to get the last bit of that stubborn label off.  If you are planning to reuse the top with the jar (some I do, some I don't), pick out a favorite color spray paint and give it a little makeover.

The possibilities of uses are endless!  From reuse in your pantry with dry goods, to markers and pens in your office, to your littles favorite rock collection or mementos from a trip, there are numerous ways to repurpose these jars throughout your home.  And the best part about it...they are free!





I would love to see how you reuse glass jars within your space!  Get creative and tag me in your photos on Instagram, @organized_simplicity.