simple solutions thursday

It's only two short weeks until the New Year!  I am in full preparation mode, itching to hang my 2016 calendar early (don't, it's bad luck!).  I will say that I find it quite useful to be proactive and begin filling in standing dates, appointments, to-do's, and school holidays on both my personal calendar and your command center calendar. IMG_5900

This works as a win-win for me in that I get to begin to use next year's calendar a little early and I get to plan ahead for what is to come.  It is never fun to open your calendar January 1 to find out you have a slew of appointments and to-do's for that week.  This gives you ample time to review your schedule, fill in where necessary, and to begin strategically planning your year.  And did I mention, begin using that fancy new planner you have had stashed away for months?! I know I am not the only one!


Another helpful tip for calendar planning is to set an alarm one week prior to all important dates.  A week is plenty of time to complete all pertinent details for any occasion, leaving ample time to complete at your own pace.


When do you begin planning and transferring information over to your next year's calendar? Do you plan ahead, or wait till the last moment? Comment below!