simple solutions thursday

Earlier this year, I started a series called Simple Solutions, showcasing an item that made utilizing a system super easy.  I dwindled in keeping up with Simple Solutions partly because I wasn't sure if it was useful and partly because I moved on to bigger and better things.  At least so I thought.  But recently I am finding more and more simple solutions that have proved themselves useful that I'm bringing it back.  Simple Solutions Thursday that is! simplesolutionsthursday

Without further ado, meet this week's Simple Solution, a child's toy basket. Used in both of my girls' rooms to contain their outrageous number of stuffed animals, these bad boys can hold quite a bit.  But this is not my creative way of utilizing these beauties purchased from The Container Store.  No, that would be too simple my friends!  It is of my overwhelming love for (all & every) throw pillow that I decided to corral my over abundance of pillows within!


Before I discovered this toy baskets many uses, including its current one, pillows seemed to be everywhere.  My husband would toss them all in one corner of the bedroom, making a nightly trap on the way to the bathroom in the dark.  Ditto with my girls tossing them all about the living room to make more space on the couch to sit.  You know what they say, like father, like daughter(s)!


When your spouse tells you that you have too many throw pillows (which is total non-sense!) and perhaps you should get rid of some, head over to The Container Store.  Best $24.99 I've ever spent!  And don't tell my husband, I've purchased more pillow since!


Are you a throw pillow connoisseur?  How do you contain the endless amounts of them when not in use?  Tag me in a photo on Instagram, @organized_simplicity, I am dying to know!  Join me next week for another Simple Solutions Thursday.

One Solution. Every Thursday. With Simplicity in mind.