Reader Challenge Wednesday: Toiletry Storage

I must admit, I either buy in bulk or stock up when a good sale arises.  Especially for toiletry items.    I am not a fan of running out of personal hygiene times of any sort.  So I make sure to stock up when the price is right.  While out shopping for said items, I do wonder where I am going to put it all.  And with limited space in our master bathroom and hall linen closet, one must become quite creative on how to neatly store these overstock items.  

Which brings us to this weeks challenge!  Toiletry storage within your bathroom.  Here is a peek of what underneath my sink used to look like.  

Some would say that is not unorganized, like items grouped with like items.  But every time I opened the cabinet door I would cringe.  Looks like a jumbled mess to me.  I needed something to hide the millions of bottles out of site.

Come back on Friday to see how I easily changed my toiletry storage for the better!  I am so excited to share with you all!
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