Quick Tip Thursday: Kids Lunch Prep

I don't know about you, but I am such a morning person.  Really, I actually am!  Whether or not you do or don't thrive in the early morning hours, taking time to prep kids lunches is imperative.  And so is doing just that without consuming a lot of precious time.  As you are all are fully aware of, grouping objects by likeness is key to being organized.  It not only saves you time, but relieves one of any frustration to being able to locate something necessary in that moment.  Frustration is definitely something I can live without.

This quick tip Thursday is great for school mornings.  By corralling all lunch boxes, lunch containers and snack bags into a cabinet with these multi-purpose bins, you have all you need to quickly make school lunches.  Found at my favorite place, The Container Store, this versatile storage is inexpensive, has numerous interchangeable uses and is found in my room of my home.  We also store reusable water bottles, extra ice packs and disposable utensils all within hands reach.  

What methods have you found for storing your children's lunch necessities?  Is is something you struggle with or have a great storage method?  Tell me!

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