Quick Tip Thursday: Ditching Retail Packaging

For a long time I have had a love/hate relationship with retail packaging.  Ok, to be honest, mostly hate. So many different sizes, shapes, colors and styles and when put all together it not desirable.  At all. Maybe because it is not aesthetically pleasing, or the various shapes and sizes add to visual clutter. Maybe it just doesn't blend with my 'less is more' way of life.  For whatever reason, I am constantly trying to find creative ways in removing an item from its retail packaging to something more permanent and eye friendly.

Being a visual individual, I have always found that when it comes to particular places in the home, like the kitchen, clear labeled containers do best.  Easy to tell the contents, easy to know when contents are running low, easy to clean and refill.  Easy.  An added bonus is it teaches children to not choose food based on whatever character is on the box.  Nice try marketing!  I also like to have sugars and flours close at hand.  Even with limited counter space, these jars not only lovely to look at, but are a time saver.  Plus I was not thrilled with how much space the bags took up in a cabinet.

Containers can range from inexpensive (think dollar store) to fairly pricey (think The Container Store). While some may be a little more costly than others, their purpose is worth every penny.  I find that when reducing visual clutter, I feel an incredible sense of calm, not to mention less stressed as I am able to find what I am looking for.

Do you keep products in their retail packaging?  Or decant and recycle the exterior as soon as you get home from the grocery store?  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our Reader Challenge Reveal for gift wrap storage.  It's going to be great!

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