Quick Tip Thursday: Baskets in the Fridge

I am a firm believer that I have never met a basket I couldn't use to make a space more functional. Especially when it's a heavy duty clear plastic.  And inexpensive.  And work perfectly in my fridge.  You get the point!

For a long time I have struggled to keep my family's fridge organized.  While some may not think that is a big deal, I do.  Without a method to the madness, food can spoil, it becomes difficult to see what is inside the fridge, or things just get plain forgotten about.  Nothing makes me feel more sad than wasting money repurchasing an item we already had, or even worse, paying money for food that has gone bad.  No more excuses!

I had to think simple, as my two girls are still young and my husband is the antithesis of organized.  I decided that grouping like items that we consume a lot of would be best:  fresh veggies, sandwich meats and cheeses, and eggs.  

 What I love about this basket system:

  • It is easy to remove the basket and take to the counter for easy food prep and replace back into fridge when finished.
  • All like items are corralled together, making it super simple for even the littlest in our family to help herself.
  • Makes shopping easy, as baskets are clear and can see contents (or lack thereof).
  • Helps create order, no more food falling out of the fridge.

Another fantastic option would be these bins from The Container Store that I love oh so much.  My only reason for not using them versus the existing baskets was the height of the bins.  These may be a better option for those of you with stacked fridge/freezer versus a side-by-side.  
How would this quick tip work for you and your family?  What types of food groups would you put together to make life more simple in your home?
Don't forget to join me tomorrow as I unveil Wednesday's Reader Challenge of toiletry storage.  See you then!

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