5 weeks, 5 organizers: madesmart's over door

Hey there!  Welcome back to your 4th week of 5 weeks, 5 organizers!  Today's madesmart organizer, the 'over the door' is quite similar to the 'hang-it' but has its own special features as well.

What I am really diggin' about the over the door organizer is its one long 'shelf' and the ability to use the wasted space on the back (or front) of any cabinet door.  For small homes like mine, every inch of storage and space properly used counts!

I instantly knew I could use this bad boy to finally rid my counter of my hair styling tools.  Living in Atlanta, a blow dryer and hair straightener are a necessity, unless you like the frizzy, too much humidity look!  I love that the tools fit perfectly, with enough room to spare for my hairbrush.

As I glanced around the bathroom, another area that I would love to declutter is the countertop.  Moving the over the door to the cabinet beneath the sink, my husbands grooming and shaving tools would fit fantastic!  Look great, doesn't it?!  So much better than on the counter!

The last (and final resting spot!) for the over the door was in my kitchen. With less than 15 cabinets total to accommodate a family of four, I am forever searching for a better and more efficient way to maximize the very little space.  Adding the over the door to underneath my sink was perfection, allowing me to remove items that once sat next to my sink, to a convenient, easy-to-reach spot on the cabinet door.  Like I said, a small change in a small kitchen makes a huge space impact!
Where would you have used the over the door?  Any creative ideas of where this organizer might be beneficial?  Come back next week and join me for our final organizer.  I've saved the best for last!
**Disclosure:  I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine and mine only.**