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We have always been big fans of eco-friendly products in our home, and like to share that love with our clients, as we can all work together to better our homes and our Earth. So when we were approached by THE LAUNDRESS to test their new line of organizing products, we jumped at the opportunity. THE LAUNDRESS line of laundry and cleaning is eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable, plant derived and free of all allergens, with no artificial additives, and made in the USA since 2004. And their slogan of ‘taking the chore out of laundry’ couldn’t be more up our alley. Now tell us, what could be better?!

laundress and organized simplicity

We recently assisted a client update her TINY guest linen/cleaning closet and thought it would be nice to incorporate the items sent from THE LAUNDRESS to streamline the space. We were sent a combination of small, medium, and large lidded storage boxes to try, and loved the versatility of the sizes for groups such as toiletries, toilet paper, guest sheets and towels. Due to the small size of the closet we were unable to use the large storage box, but decided to use it to store sweaters in our client’s master closet.

While organizing doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, we thought we would provide a ‘how-to’ when it comes to designating space and order in such a space. Here are a few simple steps when organizing your linen closet:

Step 1: Take everything out. Yes, everything! This is a necessary step, as it assists with grouping like items, creating categories, and weeding out items that are unused, too loved, or just not needed.

Step 2: Create categories. We like to have general categories, as becoming too specific creates room for error. Generalized categories allow everyone in the home to put items away, instead of second guessing.

Step 3: Determine containment. For this particular linen closet, we were looking for a lidded cloth bin just like these THE LAUNDRESS canvas bins, as we were looking to contain toilet paper, towels and sheets, protecting them from dust and debris, ensuring the items to be clean when used. This also allows us to rid the closet of retail packaging, which can be bulky and unsightly.

organized simplicity

Step 4: Label, label, label. We can’t stress enough how important it is to not skip this step. There is no such thing as over labeling, even if you feel like the contents are totally obvious, still add a label. Labels promote continuity in a space and a no-brainer for where items are to live. We absolutely love products that already have a dedicated spot for a label, just like these THE LAUNDRESS fabric bins, which have a built in pouch and easy to remove labels just in case the contents change.


Step 5: Determine placement. We like to tell our clients to always consider for whom the space is intended when determining placement. With this particular space, this is a closet designed for guests to find extra necessities when staying, such as extra linens, backstock toiletries, and toilet paper when in need.

Step 6: Fill with favorite product. We are huge fans of non-toxic and eco-friendly product, so it just felt right to stock this guest linen closet with THE LAUNDRESS products, to include surface cleaner, glass & mirror cleaner, scented vinegar, all-purpose cleaning and bleach, feather duster, and scrub brush, gloves and apron for the homeowner to easily turn over the guest bedroom and bath.

Step 7: Enjoy all of your hard work!

organized simplicity linen closet

What we love about THE LAUNDRESS lidded storage bins: lidded to keep contents out of sight and free of debris, pouch on front of bin for a label (total win!), lightweight and attractive, and a white bin that goes with every decor style. What we are excited for: seeing what items THE LAUNDRESS has developed for each space of the home, and incorporating these items in our clients homes.

organized simplicity linen closet organization

Tell us, what are would you choose to organize with THE LAUNDRESS new organizing products?

**The items provided by THE LAUNDRESS were sent to us in exchange for our honest opinion.**

organized simplicity