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What is the one thing all parents struggle with? A close second behind toddler meltdowns and a strong desire for wine before 5pm, is kids mementos and artwork (read: paper clutter overload). You could get a life size plastic storage tub, dump it all in, and hope for the best. But we all know that method creates nothing but anxiety. You could ask you child's teacher to be selective on what they send home, I mean, do we really need EVERY worksheet that our child lays their hands on?! (Nothing but love to all the teachers out there!) What if we took it upon ourselves to have a system in place that prevented the years of school paper pileup? Enter savor to help us do just that, and quite stylishly we might add!

Savor, began by two moms with school aged children who were tired of the 'ugly plastic bin' catch-all used to corral all the artwork, report cards, and mementos. They developed The Library, which comes in two different versions: The Baby Keepsake Box and The School Years Keepsake Box, with a choice of 3 different color collections that are handcrafted, custom-dyed fabric boxes in such fun colors. Each type includes 50+ labels, initials to personalize your child's box. The Baby Box includes 9 drawers and 8 vertical files, while The School Box includes 16 vertical files, perfect for collecting those items we as parents would love to preserve over time, passing them down to our children proudly.


We were honored when approached by savor to test out their bespoke product. As organizers, any product that creates a system and thereby creates peace, is one we can get behind.


We, similar to many other parents, stored our children's keepsakes in plastic bins under the bed. We had already created a system of photographing artwork to make photobooks, keeping only the top picks, eliminating and editing school work and school report, all while keeping baby mementos in their own storage. Did we love the way it was stored? No. Did if function to our highest standards? No. Was it easy to reminisce with our children and their mementos? No. Were we proud of our storage solution as professional organizers? Absolutely not. 


Upon receiving the boxes, we noted the high quality of the fabric and the gorgeous hue of the color right off the bat. The included stickers to organize encompassed a broad range of categories, and the compartments and folders made of high quality, able to withstand lots of little hands, and more than enough space to keep those items that we hold dear to our hearts. And being able to have a home for specific keepsake items, priceless!


Did we mention the choice of colors coordinate great either within children's rooms, or within adults decor as well, without standing out like an eyesore.  Perfection!  Now, for any expecting parents or clients with children, we have a new go-to gift! You can purchase these savor Baby Keepsake Boxes here and the School Years here