os + Mom! Where's my car?


Parents, ever entered your child's room at night to check on them, only to step on a lego? What about a toy car? You may as well have stepped on broken glass as the pain is so intense! (a slight exaggeration...and then again, maybe not) We have developed many easy organization systems for legos (more details to come soon, promise) but never really nailed car organization, other than dumping  the lot into bucket and slapping on a label. Does that work? Yes. Is it an easy system to follow? Yes. Is it aesthetically pleasing? Kinda. Would we like to see a better system to organize cars? Most definitely! And when we were contacted by Mom! Where's my car? we knew we had found our forever car storage and organization. 

Mom! Where's my car?, a wall garage organizer, is a small business started by a mom of twin boys, who had (and still do) a love for all things car, who wanted to put the brakes on toy car clutter. There is so much of this we can get behind, car love and organization, and the wall garage was definitely one of them and we couldn't wait to test it out.

Our 9 year old has had a passion for cars ever since we could remember. Perhaps all the matchbox cars as rewards for potty training guided her ever growing collection?! Proud yet protective of her cars, she has always done a phenomenal job of taking care of her collection, especially when cleaning up, ensuring little sibling fingers didn't find their way to her prized possessions. And when the wall garage arrived, you would have thought it was Christmas! Designating a spot by the window in her bedroom, we got to work with the install, which was a breeze.


And then, like mother, like daughter, our 9 year old go to work color sorting her cars before deciding on their final placement on the wall garage. We were not allowed to photograph until she was 100% happy with how they looked.  A girl after our own hearts! Now without fail, overtime the cars are played with, they are put back with no stragglers for my foot to accidentally find at night. 


We can say hands down, this is THE best toy car organizer that is on the market at this time. And you have a chance to win a wall car garage from Mom! Where's my car?. Head over to our Instagram page, @organized_simplicity for all of the details!