organizing spaces---kids closets

Organized spaces make all hearts swoon, even if it's not your own space. There is something magically pleasing about opening a drawer, cabinet, or closet and everything having a home, working together to create eye appealing harmony. This includes children's spaces.  Yes, you can have all of that order and structure within these areas as well. They key to the above is simplicity. And a little bit of playfulness doesn't hurt either! img_6797

One of the biggest areas for parents is kids closets easily becoming cluttered and unmanageable. Part of this is to blame with parents and over purchasing clothing for their littles (we've all been there!), and part on behalf of the child, slow to learn the importance of treating belonging with care, and we're not just talking about toys.  With a little structure, a little teaching, and a little responsibility on all parties involved, an child's organized closet dream can be yours!

Double hanging areas and hanging a majority of clothing are key to helping a child keep their closet not only organized, but helps the child with selection of clothing.  The littles are no different than the rest of us--out of sight, out of mind.



In addition to hanging, utilizing drawers within a closet is a fantastic option for storing pjs, leggings, socks, undies, etc. And a especially fantastic idea for smaller bedrooms that may not have space for a chest of drawers. And just like we take the time to designate a drawer for each category of clothing, we also like to label the outside of the drawer to ensure easy finding and returning of items.




If you have additional space, adding shelving can make space for folded items, shoes, family photos, keepsakes, or children's artwork. 

A few additional key points in organizing children's closets is to keep like with like, keep seasonal clothing within reach, and use matching hangers. If you really want to give it that extra aesthetic boost, color code, but do be realistic as it may not remain that way for long!