organizing spaces---coat closet

About a year ago, we took an ordinary coat closet from drab and dysfunctional, to fabulous and organized with a little space planning and an amazing paint job. But after using the closet for over 4 full seasons, we found that a few adjustments were due.  img_5275

For starters, not having lids on our accessory baskets was a bad decision, as over time dust creeps in. No good. Secondly, no labels on the black bins left everyone guessing constantly where their shoes belonged. Completely defeated the purpose. And lastly, using just the hooks at the rear of the closet to hang coats was so unrealistic, as many of them are too bulky and would constantly fall. And then came along Closet Spice and their gorgeous rose gold hangers and we knew that it was meant to be!



img_5281Made of amazing quality, these rose gold hangers were the perfect addition to our already gorgeous closet. And to top it off, their heavy duty build holds the weight of our winter coats with no issue, and Closet Spice makes a rose gold scarf organizer to boot. Once again, we are smitten with our coat closet!


**Closet Spice was kind enough to send us these items in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are ours alone.