organizing bags---os + RedDog®

Bags. As women we love our bags. And the bigger, the better. Everything's all great, until you try to find the things inside. Keys, phone, wallet seem to fall into a black hole, and then all of the feelings (mostly frustration) start to flood in. So aggravating. Even as organized as we are, we still find this to happen to us. So when we were contacted by RedDog® to test one of their BagPods handbag organizer, we were so on board! Based in the U.K., RedDog® bags are made of supple, luscious leather with high quality sticking, with the perfect pockets for organizing accessories to boot. img_5034


When testing out our BagPod, we added the items that we struggled finding on a daily basis.  Wallet, earbuds, pens, cell phone, square chip reader, business cards, keys, notebook. All the items that are pertinent to a successful business consultation, and can be easily found and retrieved, as nothing looks worse than a pro organizer who can't find something within her own bag. 


And what's even more amazing that organization within our bag is this BagPod is easily removed and added to a new bag with ease. No more unpacking and repacking, just take the BagPod out with all of the accessories and place in the new bag. Simple, just the way we like it. As an added bonus the BagPod can be used as a clutch, over the shoulder bag (as it comes with a removable strap), or as an organizer insert. 



How do you keep items in place in your bag?