organized simplicity + three by three seattle®

As a professional organizer, putting our name and stamp of approval on a product and/or company has great pull and influence on others around us.  And having a (semi) large internet presence, we are often approached by all sorts of companies wanting to send us their product in exchange for our honest opinion and promotion of said item(s).  9 times out of 10, we gratefully decline, either because the product and/or service has nothing to do with our industry, or we feel that the item(s) isn't something we would purchase on our own, let alone promote.  In a sponsored relationship, we want to feel passionate about sharing the product, and would purchase the item a thousand times over.  And we had just this feeling when we were contacted by three by three seattle®. img_2563

Being a long time user and lover of three by three mighties® super strong magnets, we were awestruck that they wanted to work with us! After peaking at their website, we discovered that the company now offered an amazing variety of office supplies, from dry erase boards, to wall calendars, to wall caddys.  Right up our organized, back to school, command center lovin' hearts! With it being back to school season, what better to test out than a wall calendar and a desktop calendar.  Except these were no ordinary calendars.  Nope, they were quite amazing.  The package arrived at our doorstep, and by the extreme excitement we felt, we knew at that moment we were definitely in the correct industry!  Once we saw what was inside we knew our exact game plan.





Our office space lacked any visible calendar, which as any small business owner knows is a recipe for disaster.  Our family command center is next to our office desk, but having to move from the desk to add/check appointments was not the best bet at staying organized. Having the month at a glance was a necessity at keeping our multiple business engagements, consultations, and appointments organized. Enter the three by three seattle® glass monthly planner. Made of shatterproof tempered glass, the surface is also magnetic, more important non-ghosting, and comes equip with two magnets and a dry erase marker.  After seeing the sleek design of the calendar, we knew that a full revamp of our desk are was in order.


As soon as we discovered the next item sent by three by three seattle®, we knew just how to use the glass monthly--for work appointments only.  Instead of commingling our family obligations with our work schedule, our command center calendar would only hold family engagements, and the glass monthly--all work related appointments, tying in both calendars with the jOTBLOCK monthly planner on our desk.  5 blank weeks, compartments that are full of paper clips, binder clips, and even a pen, this calendar not only serves as a blank monthly appointment book, but a supply caddy as well.  Super convenient having all the items within reach when planning for the month ahead.  The jOTBLOCK sits by our computer, so as we are chatting with clients, our month at hand is directly in front of us, and it enables us to easily schedule our appointments, then transferring all work related items to the glass monthly and all family commitments to our family command center.  With 60 pages, the jOTBLOCK hangs with you for a full 5 years!




The kind folks over at three by three seattle® have given our readers a special discount to up your organization game.  Head over to three by three seattle® website, peruse their organization awesomeness and use code: OSIMPLICITY20 for 20% off your total purchase, good through September 30, 2016.  And don't forget to drop by and let us know what you bought for a chance to win a three by three seattle® gift card.  Happy, organized shopping!




*This is a sponsored post. We received all items in exchange for our honest & unbiased opinion.