organized simplicity + mumi

When we booked our client in Charleston, South Carolina for the entire first week of September, it crossed our mind to work packing into our 'how-to' tutorials. Then when we decided to take our family and make said business trip one of leisure as well, we knew we had to show other families how to pack with organization and ease, two words that don't come to mind in this particular scenario. img_3289

Who better to partner with than mumi, a packing cube company started in 2014 by two friends with a desire to fill a void in the travel industry. Their ingenious and gorgeous travel packing cubes would not only organize all of our items, but would look fabulous while doing so.



We began by selecting a color to coincide with each family member, adding to the ease of packing and knowing whose items are whose. We didn't struggle finding s favorite, actually quite the contrary as mumi has 7 colors, representing the ROYGBIV we organizers love so dearly. Color coding is key to keeping each individuals items together, sparing the time consuming task of sorting clothing when unpacking. With each set there are 5 packing cubes, varying in size, that can accommodate all items from dresses to pants, shirts to swimsuits, one of the 5 packing cubes will fit a particular category. And having the ability to pack like items together, makes packing and unpacking a breeze.






The ease of packing and unpacking my weekender bag was night and day different with and without the mumi travel packing cubes. Before mumi, I would roll all clothing, adding it to my bag by category, only to end up with a bag full of wrinkled, unorganized clothing when I arrived at my final destination. With all of the hard pre-planning work ruined, I may as well thrown all items inside. With the packing cubes, items stay together, rolled, and ready to wear with no more searching franticly for specific items. And the 5 cubes were perfect amount of space for a weeks worth of clothing.





My two young children's suitcases were packed with such ease.  At 6 and 8, they happily pick out what they wanted to take with (yes, they are girls!) and attempted to roll their items for packing.  As a perfectionist, I have to say that they didn't do such a bad job, and resisted the urge to re-roll! By teaching them to group like items with like items, choosing the appropriate size packing cube for each category was super simple, and adding them to the cube and into the bag even more so. Each bag took approximately 15 minutes from start to finish, and every item looked immaculate once at our destination. Nothing more would need to sell us on these mumi traveling packing cubes!





Now that we had the clothing situation straightened away, it was time to pack the toiletries, which I think goes without saying are a huge pain in of themselves.  Enter the mumi toiletry packing cubes.  These cubes come in a set of 3, and in the same amazing colors as the traveling cubes, accommodating 2 peoples items perfectly.  For a family of four, 2 sets of the toiletry packing cubes would be ideal, keeping those pesky items together.  Made with a vinyl liner, these cubes are fantastic for keeping the mess that could happen contained.

After using the mumi traveling packing cubes and toiletry packing cubes, we can honestly say we are not sure how we packed in an efficient and organized manner beforehand.  Quite sad as we are an organizing company! These items will now be added to our gift giving list, to clients and friends and family alike.  And there will be no going back for us when packing for a trip.  Mumi all the time, all the way!


*We were given the product in exchange for our honest opinion.  All views expressed are ours alone.*