organized simplicity + fridge coaster®

Everyone loves an organized fridge, not many love to clean one.  Let's be honest, it is an undertaking trying to take out all of the food and remove the shelving and drawers.  And don't even get me started on fitting them into the sink to properly clean! What if, in a perfect world of course, the in between cleanings of the refrigerator become fewer and farther apart? Great news, it is no longer a dream, it can now happen thanks to Fridge Coaster®. IMG_0304

I was recently contacted by Ashlyn at Fridge Coaster® about testing out her company's product.  Add a little pizzazz to the fridge, while protecting it from nasty spills? Um, yeah, sign me up! Exactly as the name states, Fridge Coasters® are large coasters made of recyclable wood pulp, that are customizable to fit your individual model fridge.  And the best part, they absorb spills and are easily cleaned, leaving underneath spotless, allowing in between cleanings to become easier and farther apart.



The fitting process for the Fridge Coaster® was quite simple. I began by removing all items from the fridge, wiping down all surfaces and measuring each space.  The design behind the Fridge Coaster® is ingenious, as each coaster is perforated to easily snap into the size to accommodate your fridge's shelves and bins.  Still not a perfect fit, grab a pair of scissors and trim away. Super simple.






Not only are these Fridge Coasters® super fun, adding a pop of color to an already organized fridge, but functional as well. I can attest to their effectiveness, as the day I added them to our fridge, my youngest spilt a cup of water on one of the shelves.  The coaster absorbed the liquid, didn't warp, and looked as good as new.  The Fridge Coaster® comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and the selection process based on your fridge model is a breeze.  If you love an organized fridge, do yourself a favor, visit and up your fridge game by adding Fridge Coasters®, you can thank me later!

*This post was sponsored by Fridge Coaster®.  All opinions are my own.*