Monday's Organization Project: Pantry & Freezer Inventory

Ever get to the grocery store and forget if you have an item in the pantry or freezer?  Me too.  You have two choices, either buy said item or take your chances that you already have enough on hand.  Either way it's a gamble that I was willing to take.  I became quickly tired of never fully knowing what we had, not to mention the unnecessary trips or last minute changes in meal planning.  Enough was enough.  Enter today's organization project:  pantry and freezer inventory clipboards.  This project was super simple, budget friendly and only took minutes to implement. 

I knew going forward that I wanted to allocate a minimal amount of money for my Monday organization projects, to demonstrate that it does not take a lot of cash to get yourself organized. Keeping that in mind, and the fact that I wanted the inventory sheets hidden from plain view yet easily accessible, I knew that clipboards seemed to be ideal.  I headed to one of my go-to sites for free and efficient organization printables, buttoned up and took a look around.  Sure enough, I hit the jackpot.  I printed off a few of each freezer and pantry, clipped them to the clipboards and got busy taking inventory of everything in those locations.  

What I love about these printables, is the space to document the quantity on hand.  Super duper simple, circle the number on hand and when you remove the item from the freezer or pantry, cross off the number and adjust the quantity.  This will assist me in making my weekly shopping list and helping me stay on top of what items may be in need.  I also have added an additional clipboard for our family's garage storage of overstock items that we purchase in bulk.  After my inventory was complete, I used a few command hooks to get these bad boys up onto the wall in my pantry.  

The lists stay neatly tucked away but in an area that constantly see when prepping meals for my family.  Out of sight, but definitely not out of mind!  I am thrilled with the result of this simple project. Not only do I find myself way more prepared for meal, I am spending less time and money at the grocery store.  Now that's what I call a win-win!!!  

What projects are you tackling this week?  Please join me everyday for 'Fabulous February'.  I promise you won't regret it!
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