Monday's Organization Project: Kids Basket

Kids toys = clutter.  It seems like an ongoing and endless issue for most families.  My children's 'playroom' is part of our family living room, so storage of their things is key in reducing clutter, while allowing them to feel a part of the space.  

Many years ago we decided that Ikea's Expedit would do the trick, with 25 spaces we could easily divide the storage to fit our needs and the children's needs.  With a variety of baskets from Target and Ikea, we have integrated some of the girl's books, toys and games.  To make sure everything gets put back into it's place, why not label!  I wanted a bookplate style system so that it would fit in with the surrounding decor.  I found these awesome clip-on metal label holders from Target that seem to work with most styles of baskets.  

I decided to hand write the labels until all contents within the baskets are fully decided upon.  Once my girls narrow down exactly what goes where, I will print out some colorful labels and pop them in these clip-on labels.  For now, we are trying out these categories on for size.

What I love about it:

  • The clip-on label system makes it super simple to add, change or altogether remove the bookplates.
  • It blends well with my other organizing systems within the same bookshelf.
  • Allows my children to have their own things within the space; doesn't feel like the room is just for adults, but keeping a clean aesthetic.
  • Children's toys are easily accessible, and just as easily put away!
What types of projects are you working on this week?  I hope that they involve organizing!  

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