Monday's Organization Project: Command Center

Today's organization project is one very near and dear to my heart as it has to do with my two favorite things:  my children and my little home.  I used to believe bigger was better when it came to a home, but after 10+ years of living in less than 2,000 square feet, living smarter in what you have is key, no matter the size!  Not to mention the school district we live in is outstanding.  Think it's safe to say we are here for a least the next 10 years!
With two little ones in school, the schedules, homework and bookbags can quickly become a huge mess is there isn't a system in place. A centralized area to corral these sites is key to maintaining structure and a sense of calm.  
For my home, simple hooks work fantastic for the little's bookbags and coats.  Above the hooks, I added 3 mesh mail sorters from The Container Store to keep necessary school books, homework, permission slips and important papers at the ready.  With these sorters, no more time is wasted hunting for important papers for school.
As far as getting my girls to use this organizing system, they were never hesitant.  The less time spent looking for something = the more time doing something fun.  It just takes that one teachable moment for the above equation to stick!  
And lastly, a centralized home calendar with everyone's schedule, color coded by person.  I have been using these wall calendars from Sugar Paper Los Angeles for years.  They are fantastic!  This year I added magnetic stripping to the back to adhere it to a large magnetic dry erase board, giving the space a double duty.  Here I can add special artwork, school notes, paperwork for husband and myself.  It is out in the open, decreasing our likelihood of forgetting it. Throw in a few pens, dry erase markers, and small notebooks in a magnetic locker bin, leaving no excuses to not keep our schedules organized.
Because this is such a high traffic area in our home, keeping the storage solutions minimal yet functional is key.  This small investment has won me over 100 times in its ability to keep my family organized and always on time!  
How do you keep your family's schedule together?  Is anything school related a nightmare in your home?  Share with me!

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