Monday's Organization Project: Art Station for Kids

Artwork, homework, legos, art projects, crafts. All of these have two two things in common: every child loves them (minus the homework maybe!) and every one of these makes a serious mess!  In our home, most of the above was done at our kitchen table.  This created several different issues:
  • No project was ever fully completed.
  • Limited space began to reduce my girls creativity.
  • Clean up occurred way too often for the littles.
  • No space for the girls to call their own.
My solution to this problem is today's organizing project!

Keeping to my common theme of a limited budget, I decided to take a small nook in our main living area and create a space just for my girls.  This would need to incorporate school supplies, art materials, and an over abundance of lego storage.

Due to the small nature of the space, I opted out of using chairs and swapped in some great floor pillows.  Not only does this reduce the visual clutter, it maximizes the space.  And an added bonus, the floor pillows can be used as additional seating elsewhere.

No chairs meant the table would have to be low, similar to coffee table height.  This would allow the girls to sit comfortably and access all the supplies.  I fell instantly in love with every table at The Land of Nod, but sadly my budget did not.  I wanted something fun and inexpensive, so the creativity could flow without worry.  The versatile Ikea Lack side table popped into mind.  Plus I knew they had some fun colors that my girls would love.  After collectively choosing high gloss turquoise (swoon!), the rest fell into place.
I knew I wanted to store the lego organizers under the table, not only as it would take up less floor space nearby, but that it was within arms reach.  I also wanted to elevate all the art supplies above the table, as it takes too much prime real estate when on the tabletop.  

To keep with theme of using space wisely, I used the Fintorp rail and accessories for storage of markers, colored pencils, glue and scissors.  This keeps all necessary items close by when creating works of art!
And to show off the masterpieces, I installed a Lack picture ledge above with shadow boxes that the girls artwork can be easily switched out for display.

This project was super simple and maximizes all the space in such a small area.  In the little time the space has existed in our home, it has been used daily.  My girls were super thrilled to have a space to call their own and many incredible pieces of artwork have been made!
What areas in your home are stumping you?  Have a project you are working on?  I would love to hear all about it!

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