mindful buying in the holiday season

The countdown is on, only 11 days left until Christmas.  And while I am finished with my Christmas shopping, the sales seem to beckon me.  This time of the year it can be difficult sticking to a budget and a list, rendering yourself helpless to all of the 'wants'.  We have all been there at one time or another. Buying ourselves and our children excessive amounts of gifts, as if we judge our self-worth on how much ends up under the tree come the 25th. This year however, my husband and I have stumbled upon, and stuck to, a very different set of rules. IMG_5788

We are hoping to instill in our children from a very young age that materialistic possessions are just that, and nothing more.  Instead of stock piling gifts galore for them to unwrap and never use, we have decided to adopt the mindful buying approach to this, and every other, holiday season.  And for a guideline, I have decided to use these four categories to keep myself mindful in my purchases:

  1. something you want
  2. something you need
  3. something you wear
  4. something you read

And within each category we have also decided to choose quality over quantity, helping to limit the amount of gifts.  We not only have adopted this rule for our immediate family, but have asked our close relatives to do the same.  Our girls birthdays fall very close (too close!) to Christmas, making it the season of over giving.  Not this year. No more having to rearrange the house to accommodate the new toys that will be rarely touched.  This year, every present received will be loved and wanted. We have simplified and streamlined our approach and know that this will be the best holiday season thus far!



Are you joining the mindful buying and minimalism movement? How do you decided qualifies for you and your loved ones?  Leave me a comment, I would love to know!