Lingerie Drawer Refresh

I had the pleasure of working with a client who's simplistic approach matched that of mine.  For the most part, her home was immaculate, utilizing every inch in the best manner possible to maximize her space.  There was just one area she seemingly struggled with, figuring out what do use to organize her dresser drawers within her closet.  Having limited space within the bedroom, and also wanting to minimize the furniture within, the dresser was placed in the closet.  

That was not the issue at all.  The interior of the drawers were slightly crammed, to the point that they were barely able to close, let alone find the item my client was looking for, especially when it came to her lingerie.

As you can see, she did attempt to create some order by placing a drawer divider within, but the mounds of lingerie took over.  My client was looking to keep particular order to her unmentionables. Firstly, she wanted to have a space for workout undies, daytime undies, and nighttime undies.  We needed to create a visual space for each to make finding the necessary pair a breeze! Step one, take it all out!
Step 2, separate into specific piles.  Step 3, add much needed drawer dividers.
These fabulous honeycomb drawer dividers were just the perfect fit for my client's dresser drawer. We then began filling in the honeycomb by type, separating out the undies into the 3 categories.  And by folding each pair of underwear, we had plenty of space to add socks within each specific category. While like it may seem pointless and time consuming to fold underwear, it creates extra space and looks way more aesthetically pleasing as well!

And there you have it!  Two very organized lingerie drawers for a very happy client.  And to think, it only took $20 and a small amount of time to create such peace within the most unusual of spaces!

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