Holiday Gift Tracker

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we welcome December with open arms, and perhaps a tad bit of panic as well.  With only 24 days left to complete your shopping list, disorganization can set in causing unnecessary stress.  You could be like myself, one who has strategically planned out and completed their shopping prior to Turkey Day or one who loves the thrill of last minute shopping.  Either way, not tracking your gifts in one place can lead to overspending, forgetting a special someone, too many gifts, and above all stress.  Who needs more stress at the most wonderful time of the year?!? Enter one of the best solutions of all time, a holiday gift tracker...and even better, it's free! 
As you guys grow to know me better, you will discover that I am a huge fan of iheartorganizing.  For all obvious reason, she is who I look up to as mentor, so to speak, only she doesn't know any of this.  Cue sad face.  Back to the point, iheartorganizing offers a great selection of printables on her site as well as in her Etsy shop.  I like to use my holiday gift planning and tracker within my family organization binder (more on this life saver in a later post) where I can keep track of my list along with gift receipts.  That way if an item I purchased drops to a lower price or better gift idea comes along, I have all purchase receipts within reach.  


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