Holiday Card Display & Storage

This joyful time of the year can bring so much unnecessary clutter.  For instance, all the holiday mail that begins pouring in the first week of December.  Someone on the other end of that card put a lot of thought, time and money to include you in their holiday greetings, so I take a few minutes and find a way to display them proudly.  So that the holiday greetings don't turn to clutter, find one location in your home where you can easily add to your collection as the mail rolls in.  For our household, a sunburst mirror I made years ago serves as a fantastic card holder.  

As soon as I open my mail, I take all the cards and route them to the mirror.  The cards are out for all to see and enjoy and at the same time, adding zero clutter to my home.  Here are a few other ideas for inspiration from around the web.
Strung inside a basic frame.  

source:  iheartorganizing 

Hung with ribbon on pantry door.
Using washi tape to add a design to your wall display.

source:  cardstore

How do you display your holiday cards?  Tell me, I would love to hear!
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