February is going to be just fabulous!

January has gone by like a blink of an eye!  I hope you were productive, implementing a few of your New Year's Resolutions.  I spent everyday revisiting systems already in place in my household and reevaluating their efficiency after living with them for almost a year.  
Let's talk February.  Since the month is shy a few days, why not take each day and work on a simple project?  That started me thinking.  Tackling one project at a time (yep, even me, well-known juggler of several projects!) each day of the month for a "Fabulous February".  Here is the daily breakdown of what to look forward to:
  • Mondays:  new organizing project
  • Tuesdays:  small solutions
  • Wednesdays:  reader challenge
  • Thursdays:  quick tips
  • Fridays:  reader challenge reveal

I am thrilled about what is in store for this coming month!  I do hope you will join me.  Until Monday my friends!

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