client spaces---updating all the closets

closet organization

We were contacted by a lovely couple who had recently purchased a pre-1940s home in one of Atlanta's top historic districts. And while the home had charm, a beautiful yard, and a family friendly neighborhood, the closets lacked function in the current year. And that's where we came in. 

closet before organization

Your standard single metal rod hung in each one of the 3 closets of the houses two bedrooms, making each space difficult to manage.  And did we mention that the master closet was actually two small closets, with the guest closet having the largest closet?! The spaces seemed totally backwards, but with the right shelving systems we knew we could make it work. We enlisted the assistance of the container store in installing elfa shelving, designing the best configuration to maximize the client's small closets.

before master closet
after 'his' master closet
'his' master closet organization

The two master closets were quite a simple fix, adding doubling hanging shelving to maximize the height of the closets plus accommodating shoes and laundry hampers that needed to remain in the space.  Upper shelving was used for out of season items, bags, and linen storage, as the couple did not have a linen closet in the home.

before 'hers' master closet
after 'hers' master closet organization
'hers' closet organization after

The guest closet, which also doubled as our client's main closet and soon-to-be baby's closet, was a little more tricky. We needed to accommodate our client's clothing, but also keeping in mind that it would soon be converted to a baby's closet (what a lucky babe!). With any luck, the baby's clothing would only take up half and the mom could continue to enjoy her added space, at least for the first few years. We installed a double hang section to be used mostly for the baby, and a long hang section for mom to use for all of her beautifully colored dresses. We maximized the vertical space with several rows of shelving, as most baby clothing is easier folded and tucked away neatly in a basket for easy retrieval. In light of this, we left several empty baskets as place markers for the sweet babe's items as they were purchased. Shoe racks were installed to help keep shoe clutter under raps, and a stackers jewelry box adorned the client's jewels. We also used an acrylic file holder to store the client's clutches and a few additional stackable shoe containers for flats and sandals.

guest closet organization before
guest closet organization after
closet organization
closet organization
shoe, jewelry, and clutch organization
shoe organization closet

We also had the pleasure of restructuring the couples hall coat closet, which was also used for storage for scarves, cleaning items, and overstock bathroom supplies.  We added a few baskets adorned with labels to create zones for the specific items, switched out hangers to add conformity and additional room, and removed items that needed to live somewhere else.  

coat closet organization

These spaces not only functioned WAY more efficiently than before, but aesthetically so pleasing to look at!  And that's what we aim to accomplish with each and every client.