client spaces --- showing the garage a little love

Garages are one of those spaces that are easily glossed over when it comes to the hierarchy of organizing.  Perhaps because they are not used/visited as frequently as the kitchen or closet.  Or maybe it is because garages are not as attractive as other spaces.  But realistically, garages should be in as pristine condition as anywhere else in your home.  It is the last area you see when heading out, and the first area you see after a long day at the office. You don't want that vision of chaos burned into your brain throughout the entire day and night, do you?! img_2841

A recent client of ours had the exact same thought process.  She was tired of being stressed out at the sight of her untidy garage, and desired to have a serene place to park her cars, not to mention have order to her belongings to find them when she needed them.



We began by taking everything off shelves and out of cabinets and grouped like with like. We then weeded out duplicates, items that the client no longer wanted/needed, and determined the amount of each type of item that needed homes.

Upon grouping the items, it was determined that using multiples of the cabinets that the client already had would add cohesion and streamline the space, not only to store all items in an organized manner, but also give the garage a clean and serene feeling.





Within the 4 large cabinets, we grouped categories together, such as nation and garden, paint, accessories and tools, household and car cleaners, etc.  Instead of placing the items on the shelves, we used stackable utility trays in different sizes to accommodate and utilize vertical space between shelves.  By doing so, all items were easily reached, preventing double purchases, easing the frustration of locating items, and keeping that clean and organized look we were attempting to achieve. Added labels, and the space was complete.


The beauty and simplicity of this client's garage was so inspiring, we hope it gives you the desire to up your garage organization as well!